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Horgos, Serbia. Photo: MTI

The route used by irregular migrants to reach Europe has changed in recent weeks, the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Chief Security Advisor György Bakondi said here on Wednesday.

“Instead of the usual route (Bosnia-Croatia-Slovenia), migrants arrive via Serbia to the Hungarian border or to the Hungarian-Serbian-Romanian border,” Bakondi said on public television channel M1.

“We can come to the conclusion that the human smugglers are also active and are constantly testing the border control system together with the migrants,” he said.

More than 4,100 people have attempted to cross the Hungarian border this year, a significant increase from last year or from the previous years, Bakondi said.

The migrants “try to cut through, climb or dig under the fence, or hide in different vehicles in order to enter the country,” he said.

After the 2015 migrant crisis, the Hungarian government had a fence built along the southern border of the country to stop the flow of refugees.

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Source: Xinhua – Budapest

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