Hungary fence

In an interview with British news channel Sky News, government spokesman Zoltán Kovács said on Monday that illegal migration could be expected to continue for decades and remain an issue for future generations.

“Europe cannot take on itself the misery of the entire world,” he said.

Migration figures are currently lower than in 2015 but still higher than before 2015, he said.

Kovács said

Hungary was willing take in people in an emergency but warned that mass migration could result in the appearance of diverse cultures, which could eventually cause the decline of Europe.

Hungary‘s position is that help must be offered where those in need live, he said. Hungary spends millions of euros each year on supporting local communities in Syria, Iraq and Africa, he said.

In response to a question on the European People’s Party decision to suspend the membership of ruling Fidesz, he said

it had in fact been Fidesz that suspended its own membership in the EPP.

Asked whether Fidesz would prefer to join any other grouping in the European Parliament, he said the party’s priority was to represent the values it has chosen to support and this meant protection of Christian values above all.

Source: MTI

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