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The government will issue English-language online video responses addressing “attacks” directed at Hungary, the government spokesman said on Saturday.

The government cannot “let it go without response that Hungary has been offended with the Sargentini report”, Zoltán Kovács said in messages posted on Facebook and Twitter.

“We want to make it clear to the European public that we do not want to become a country of immigrants,” he said.

The message comes in response to the report authored by Dutch Green MEP Judith Sargentini which the European Parliament approved last month. The report criticises the state of the rule of law in Hungary and calls for the Article 7 procedure, which ultimately suspends a member state’s voting rights, to be opened.

The first such video message posted on Facebook and Twitter shows liberal EP group leader Guy Verhofstadt saying that “we need migration”.

It is followed by a list of “facts” such as that “1.8 million migrants have entered the EU since 2015 and millions more wish to come”. It goes on to say that Verhofstadt “wants more migration“.

The video ends with the message that it is “time to shake up Brussels!” and a call of “Let’s protect Europe!”.

Source: MTI

  1. If Brussel’s is so intent on inviting migrants, let them have them. No one likes the Belgians, JUNKers or Herren Markle. EP can go to hell and take France with it. Time for Hungary and the V4 to leave the EU.

  2. No wonder this bucktoothed idiot is so blind. He’s wearing the same cheap framed stupid glasses, that Junkhead Drunker wears!!

  3. In het meantime growing resistance against Europe and their friends is growing in Holland too.

    Identitair Resistance on 28.10.2018 in The Hague! This is a call to participate in the demonstration in The Hague against the salafist moskee As-Soennah on 28.10.2018! The Identitair Resistance organizes for the second time a demonstration in the occupied territories in The Hague. With a demonstration march we want to draw attention to the problems in the Schilderswijk, a district in The Hague filled with moslims. The specific problems we have with this mosque are listed in an article on our (Dutch) page:
    The meeting point is at 12.45 am on the Marie Jungiusweg in The Hague. There are plenty of parking opportunities in the neighboring neighborhoods. From there we walk towards the mos-kee where a number of speakers highlight the challenges. This is a moment to show what you stand for Dutch norms and values are leading. For example, cutting off the clitoris of girls under ten does not belong there!

  4. The video of Verhoofstad claiming “We need migration” has been taken out of context. For those who might be interested, here is a link towards the full video:


    Not quite the same meaning as the above video seems to be showing, right?

  5. @Maxime F
    Saw the link and the very first commentator states what we already know and agree with. Verhofstadt is a clear left winger mep who is being led on i believe to dictate a dangerous mandate, from your links reviewer;
    1 illegal migration is just as big of a problem in the USA as in Europe, so to have the system they have will not solve anything
    2 if the real reason for allowing the invasion of Europe with migrants was to import labor for Germany & whoever the EU could have invited Chinese workers, who are more than willing to work, peaceful, & there is plenty of them… they work hard & don’t bother anyone!
    So it is a lie, the real reason is to turn Europe into a chaos, to end the member states’ sovereignty, erase European culture & traditions & centralize economic & political power!!!

  6. The Problem with the Online, English-language Response to the likes of GV, is that fewer tha 100 are going to see it..

    For maybe 100 Forints, Hungary could buy Time on the “New CEU”…”Central European Univision”…& have some Cutie deliver the Resonse to a world-wide Audience

  7. The Allies have declared war on Nazi Germany to prevent a Millennial Kingdom from forming with Berlin as a center of power and giving back their freedom and sovereignty to European countries. From this it could be concluded that we now have to take up the fight again, in this case against the European Union. This struggle would go against the EU empire with Brussels as a center of power so that European countries can decide freely and sovereignly about their own policies. The signs of this struggle are favorable: see the Brexit, the resistance of Italy against the budgetary praise of Brussels and the resistance of Eastern European countries (Visegrád) because of the disastrous and hopeless immigration policy of the EU. Since the EU’s campaigners do not use force to enforce their imperium, – only economic and legal means of power are used – efforts must be made to continue to dismantle the EU non-violently. How is it possible that a world war was unleashed at the time to give countries back their sovereignty and freedom, while a few decades later the political rulers wanted to put an end to the sovereignty and freedom of European countries? The explanation lies in the crude fallacy made by the inventors of the EU and the rulers. They assumed that nationalism was the cause of two world wars and of the Holocaust. Never again, they hoped. In this article I want to try to correct this fallacy and to describe an alternative.
    Not so long ago nationalism was seen as a great good, as something that testifies to open-mindedness and generosity. Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill promoted independence and the right to self-determination of all countries in the world. Reagan and Thatcher were welcomed as the new nationalists. Gandhi in India and Ben-Gurion in Israel were nationalists in heart and soul. Erdogan is the new star in the Middle East in the nationalistic firmament, which gives his people back their pride. Trump makes America great again and states America First in no uncertain terms. Only in our poor Europe are we stuck in a hopeless illusion. In his recently published book The virtue of nationalism, Israeli philosopher Yoram Hazony states that nationalism is in fact as old as mankind and not something that only arose in the 19th century. In biblical tradition, the world consists of countries and peoples, and every country that governs itself, among other countries that also reign, is the best guarantee for a fine world. Better than in the case where an empire imposes its vision on others. This biblical wisdom has had a great influence on Christianity and especially on Protestantism. During the Reformation the foundation was laid for the modern, national state. In the King James Bible, the terms nation and people are mentioned more than 1,000 times. The Placard of Verlatinghe in the Netherlands and the English Reformation under Henry VIII meant a resistance against the Holy Roman Empire. In the 17th century there were Lutheran, Calvinist and Catholic countries who were in competition with each other, but acknowledged each other’s legitimacy. In the Netherlands the Golden Age started. At that time, according to Hazony, there was already a conflict between nationalism and imperialism. He sees nationalism as a principled political position that sees the world as best-governed if it consists of independent nations that can each determine their own constitution, jurisdiction and religion according to their own views. Imperialism is any attempt to view the world as best governed by a single government with a single law. It is the competition between countries and the division of power that, according to Hazony, are prerequisites for progress and innovation. The competition between European countries and with the US produced many good things, such as more women in the government, acceptance of gays and tolerance towards minorities. The only way to guarantee freedom is to prevent someone or an institution from gaining too much power so that they can impose their will on others. An error that the European Court of Justice constantly makes as a contemporary Inquisition. Imperia are doomed to fail: the Roman Empire, the Austria-Hungarian Empire, the British Empire, the Soviet-Union and Bush’s dream of a Pax Americana have all ended in chaos and extinction. The central plan economy of the Soviet-Union is a classic example of how a centralized leadership can have fatal consequences for the people. Strangely enough, the EU strives for a centrally managed economy. In agriculture, this has led to catastrophic conditions that cause French farmers to commit suicide every other day. Science and education also illustrate how a centrally managed policy reduces the chance that creative individuals can carry out pioneering work or engage fully without rules and restrictions that others impose. There is, however, another very dangerous aspect of imperialism. Imperialism means intolerance for those who do not obey the universal laws of the empire. It is strange that a minister of finance in Italy, nominated by a democratically elected government, was rejected by Brussels. Germans apparently know better than Italians what is good for their country. This lack of tolerance within the European Empire is most strongly reflected in the compulsion to politically correct thinking. Anyone who now says the wrong word can forget his career. This is the direct result of the imperialist mindset where the official position – this is the position of who has the power – determines what is valuable or right. The arrogance of EU technocrats speaks volumes in this respect. The national state is most likely to motivate people to be responsible. Nationalism in the first place means solidarity with a community such as the family, the group and the nation. The loyalty between the members of these groups is of vital importance. That community also determines our identity. Nationalism means cohesion or togetherness of people who cherish and wish to transfer their cultural heritage to succeeding generations. Because of the one-sided emphasis on economic interests within the European Empire, these essential values are pushed aside as it were. This nationalistic connection does not only concern our individual needs and desires. We also want freedom for our family, for the group we belong to and for the country we love. This loyalty is the foundation of all social institutions, something that certain groups of immigrants have to deal with. Is not this the best way to combat greed and irresponsible behavior towards nature that is fueled by the liberalism of contemporary imperialist thinking? Is it not due to imperialism that the graders can go ahead? Nationalism may well stimulate solidarity with fellow human beings. In the harsh times ahead of us, given climate change, nationalism will more than ever be necessary to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Nationalism does not prevent a country or people from being concerned about other countries and peoples. We need to make a difference between a concerned nation that wants to improve the fate of people elsewhere and a Union that thinks empirically and wants to impose an economic or political policy on others. I fear that EU imperialism will lead to more intolerance and hatred of those who are moving. The Serbs can talk about this. Nationalism encourages people to take their own responsibility and take care of the welfare of others. If we cherish our country, our culture and our traditions, we have the inner strength to make great and noble deeds. We do not need people like clown Verhofstadt, Timmermans, Druncker or Szargentini!

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