Budapest, Hungary. Photo: MTI

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has called on the propagators of a recent “disinformation campaign against Hungary” to apologise to the Hungarian people.

Hungary has been the victim of a “baseless, unprecedented attack and disinformation campaign”, Orbán said in a letter addressed to the leaders of the members of the European People’s Party (EPP).

This campaign, he added, had been waged when lives were on the line as the world was fighting to mount an effective response to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

The “attack” on Hungary was not the first,

Orbán said in the letter. But it was the “most despicable and most cynical”.

He said those who had taken part in the campaign had spread “falsehoods and lies”, such as the claim that parliament had been shut down. Orbán said the reality was that parliament’s powers had actually been enhanced, adding that the body had the authority to end the state of emergency declared in March and repeal any of the government’s special measures.

The prime minister lamented that it was not just the conservative grouping’s “formal political opponents” but also “certain EPP politicians” who had engaged in “spreading fake news”.

He said EPP leader Donald Tusk had “even gone as far as to draw a parallel between” the measures introduced in Hungary and Nazi legal scholar Carl Schmitt.

The prime minister pointed out that the European Commission had since confirmed that “these attacks are unfounded”. He cited Vera Jourova, the European Commission’s vice-president in charge of transparency and values, as confirming that Hungary’s epidemic response law was in compliance with EU laws.

Orbán noted

the European Parliament had censured Hungary in a resolution on April 17, and he accused the EP of incorporating “lies” into the text, thereby “making fools of themselves”.

He added that the EP archives would preserve this iniquity, while at the same time the European Commission’s view of the matter would counterbalance the “political hysteria” surrounding Hungary.

He said the damage could not be undone. At the same time, he expressed thanks “to our true allies” for “standing up for us” and speaking the truth in the face of pressure.

He said Fidesz would not allow its political opponents to take self-serving ownership of the rule of law as a political tool. Orbán added that

Fidesz remained a leading conservative force.

An English-language version of the letter was sent to 53 leaders of parties that belong to the EPP, while a Hungarian one was sent to four party leaders and to the head of the Most-Híd Slovak-Hungarian party.

Source: MTI

  1. Mr. Orban is not a favorite of the globalist, internationalist, elitists … and he can give as good as he gets. He is a stand up politician/leader for the people and interests of Hungary.

  2. Once again there is deliberate blurring between the Hungarian Government’s response to Covid 19, as in practical measures, and the wider issues which predate Covid and have been a cause for concern within the EU for some time. Of course the government has sour grapes with the EPP – who wants to be suspended from a club indefinitely? With even former Visegradi allies voting to suspend you. As for this argument about elitists, that’s a bit rich coming from a man who has enriched his buddies beyond their wildest dreams through alleged misuse of EU funds and coming from a country that has been found to be the 2nd most corrupt in Europe (the 1st being Bulgaria).

  3. As usual, shoot first and demand apology on top of it.
    Only in Hungary….

  4. The myopic views, lacking foresight and intellectual insight, there short-sightedness, those guilty of this Disinformation Campaign, deserve rejection, with Scorn.
    There ongoing disinformation campaign, the absolute Falsification agenda they continual to mount and run, in there dogma or mantra, that paints a picture of US – Hungary, in a Parlous state or dangerous ongoing position, is underpinned by – Envy and Jealously.
    Hungary, we are a success story, in what has been achieved under the Strong – Decisive – Focused Leadership of Prime Minister – Victor Orban and his Government & Party, over the past decade.
    This success, continually, it is ignored and misrepresented out of Brussels – European Union, encouraged and maligned by individuals, with association and invested interests, in certain major player member countries of the European Union .
    We should not, and Will Not – be trampled nor suppressed defaced by the Brussels set, nor by agendas and there actions that continue to be exercised and undertaken in our Domestic – Hungarian Political Democratic System, by other parties.
    Democracy – look at HISTORY.
    It Constantly is Reforming It-self – the other Systems are NOT.

  5. Mr. J.A.Booth-Hansen, is the dreadful state of Hungarian health care system also a successful story? According to official figures, 363 fatalities out of merely 3060 registered covid cases. That means a mortality rate well over 10 %. Very high. Does this ring a bell?

  6. Mario, Mario, Mario.

    If you INSIST on examining ‘mortality rates’, then why don’t we look at the figures from four MAJOR European countries based on figures available TODAY (‘WORLDOMETER’) :

    SPAIN – 25,428 deaths from 248,301 cases = 10.2 % ;

    ITALY – 29,079 deaths from 211,938 cases = 13.7 % ;

    U.K. – 28,734 deaths from 190,584 cases = 15.1 % ;

    FRANCE – 25,201 deaths from 169,462 cases = 14.9 %.

    It can HARDLY be argued that the above four nations have ‘dreadful’ health care systems !!

    In Hungary, a large proportion of deaths have occurred in elderly patients with PRE-EXISTING medical conditions.

    The whole AIM of the Hungarian approach to managing health implications of the COVID-19 epidemic was to ‘flatten the curve’ – i.e. DELAYING the onset of mass infection – so that proper treatment could be initiated if and when the infections start to exponentially increase.

    In that respect, Hungary has been REMARKABLY successful.

    Remember that NO COUNTRY in the world was prepared for such a devastating pandemic, Hungary included.

    What the Hungarian Government – under the very capable leadership of Viktor Orban – has achieved is nothing short of a miracle.

    Those actions reflect the ‘turnaround’ experienced by Hungary over the past 10 years – from a near-bankrupt ‘basket-case’ in 2010 (thank you very much Mr. Gyurcsany) to a European leader in 2020.

    Undoubtedly Hungary will suffer in many ways from this present disaster but I’m prepared to bet that it will emerge stronger than most other European nations at the other end.

    In that respect I agree entirely with the views espoused by Gary Booth-Hansen.

    On the other hand, Mario, your opinions about Hungary rate amongst the best of those from Brussels.

  7. Mario,
    this is not a facility to respond in tones of disagreement, but, looking at statistical information of cases per country, that constantly is my source of referral, which I form and make my own opinions of countries – there performances, in the crisis time we ALL live, through this novel coronavirus pandemic, the figures of Hungary, are commendable in those who have sadly unfortunately lost there lives to this horrendous virus pandemic, as a percentage of total cases recorded.
    What is a global trend, is the “mean” age of those who have sadly passed on.
    Breaking down our lost fellow loved citizens of Hungary – they, in majority are recorded as being of matured in age.
    The writer is 70 – in a High bracket – Fingers Crossed and Meaningful Prayerfulness //
    Conclusive Statement of Opinion – ALL countries of the World, can and must going forward, provide greater higher standards in there Public Medical Services.
    They have been caught with there “pants down” – unprepared Focused to greatly on cost effectiveness of there Budgets, losing sight of the “needs” of there citizens of quality medical attention.
    Australia, the country of my Birth, the absolute abandonment of people – in thousands over the past 5 years, who through continual excessive rising costs in there premiums have dropped there Private Medical Coverage Schemes.
    Stay Well.

  8. Guys, forget about Covid for a minute. It is cold, hard, fact that by and large, Hungarian hopitals are truly dreadful. Under resourced, short of staff, frequently crumbling, patients even expected to supply their own toilet paper… with many elderly relatives here in Budapest, I have seen with my own eyes the horrors of the healthcare system. The regime seem more interested in Sports stadia and railway lines that are not needed.

  9. Mr. Istvan, the fact that Hungary has a lower mortality rate than some other countries does not mean it has a low mortality rate in general. In fact it has not.
    And yes, Italy and Spain did have an excellent public health care some years ago, until right wing governments decided it was time to cut the health care budgets.
    Can you objectively say that public health care in Hungary has improved since 2010 ?

  10. It seems that both Paulus and Mario ‘disapprove’ of the public health system in Hungary.

    There is no doubt that some hospitals require (superficial) building repairs and many could do with a few coats of paint – both external and internal.

    These ‘problems’ are easily fixed and I would be very surprised if the Government doesn’t include such works in ‘job creation schemes’ to off-set economic consequences of the current pandemic.

    As for staff shortages, I understand that medical / nursing staff have all recently received wage increases plus a ‘one-off’ coronavirus bonus. These actions should go some way towards retaining current staff.

    Perhaps students finishing their school studies will now consider careers in the various health professions, instead of becoming involved in (largely useless) financial sector jobs.

    Also, I suspect the Government will ensure – from now on – that all (Hungarian) medical / nursing students agree [in writing] to a period of NO LESS THAN FIVE YEARS after graduation / TEN YEARS after obtaining specialist qualifications, being spent within Hungary in their chosen field.

    That would solve the on-going problem with very well-trained medical / nursing practitioners being ‘poached’ by other nations.

    The Government is now spending HUGE amounts of money on medical equipment, supplies and treatment for not only the present situation but also the foreseeable future.

    It is highly unlikely that such expenditure will NOT be continued (albeit at a reduced amount assuming the pandemic resolves) because the Government is fully aware of the negative electoral consequences from its failure to do so.

    As for toilet paper, I have always taken my own with me if I have to go into hospital because I can then choose what sort is used on my ‘nether regions’.

  11. I concur absolutely with the writing and explanations by example – Factorial – presented by Istvan Kiraly.
    Prime Minister Victor Orban and his Government – over the past decade have been extremely “pro-active” in there Policies to ensure fast paced improvements be seen witnessed in the Standards of our Hospitals and Medical Facilities.- across the wide scope areas that this category comes under.
    Those who are of the opinion that vast improvements have not been made over the past decade in Hungary, in the area of the availability of Public Health Facilities – Hospitals and that standards have not improved, they have sadly missed these Improvements, and in probability reading or following the incorrect tabloids or journals or magazines that Fail to report Fact.
    Government invest vastly in Education – Universities, Colleges, Schools , Hospitals and other places of Educational Training and Learning.
    It could be argued they in fact Invest in US – trusting in a return from there Investment.
    In my Professorship now Emeritus – my position was over decades focused on “home grown” student graduates firstly then positions of entry that may have been available, by over-seas student application.
    Regrettable, this situation became distorted over decades, driven by Money, that positions where bought for entry and degrees, at the expense of home grown students
    Money paid – the Bursars loved that.
    The years of input by academic staff what they provided for the Education of Foreign students, then after 3 – 5 years, depending what degree they undertook, they just returned to there “Mother Country.”
    There learning education was one way – back home – and there input into the Country that provided them this opportunity of Higher Education Standard, not forgetting they paid big money, they besides the monitory gain from there acceptance, received little or nothing from there investment and time in Educating these foreign students.
    Istvan explains – the contractual legal obligations, that in ALL probability will be the future in the Education – Training of Doctors – Nurses and hopefully ALL areas associated in the Medical Profession – that ensures the “brain drain” of the home grown does not ASAP after graduation think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence and jump over not to be seen again.
    Th forward thinking process that I read into our Prime Minister – Victor Orban and his Government, plans as such, we in Hungary will be the immediate big winners, and see a return on investment through Education returning positives to our Countries Quality of Life.
    There has been criticism levied at Our Prime Minister – Victor Orban and his Government and Mayors, in the area of Nursing Home Standards.
    Complete Confidence in our Prime MInister – Victor Orban and our Mayors – they will get the answers they seek and it will not occur again.
    The Failure of Facilities to operated and function to the required Standards outlined in the applicable Legal Health and Safety Act/Standards – they are deserving of penalties and other that our Government & Mayors using there Powers may inflict upon them.
    Interesting – Australia presently there is a Royal Commission taking place bought on by the appalling overall standards of Aged Care & Hostel Facilities ///
    Stay Well -ALL.

  12. Dear Istvan, I do not know what country you are living in, let alone what planet. How much are you paid to talk such nonsense?

  13. @IIstavan
    “Also, I suspect the Government will ensure – from now on – that all (Hungarian) medical / nursing students agree [in writing] to a period of NO LESS THAN FIVE YEARS after graduation / TEN YEARS after obtaining specialist qualifications, being spent within Hungary in their chosen field.”
    Yes, let’s celebrate no freedom of will. Let us be ruled by communism or fascism. No freedom of choice, no freedom. I suspect that you have never lived in a truly democratic country,


    You are allowing your emotions to overrule logic.

    It is only rational – and indeed financially prudent – that if HUNGARIANS have their medical / nursing education paid for by the Government, then those same individuals should have an OBLIGATION to the Hungarian people for a MINIMUM period of time, during which time they provide (paid) services in their chosen field.

    Otherwise the ENTIRE COST of their education / further (specialist) training should be REPAID IN FULL PRIOR TO / AT COMPLETION OF THEIR STUDIES, as is the case with FOREIGN medical / nursing students studying at Hungarian institutions.

    It is ABSOLUTELY INSANE that Hungary presently has such a shortage of expertly-trained medical / nursing personnel because ‘freedom of choice’ has resulted in many such individuals moving to other countries for various reasons (be those financial or other motives).

    For the record, I have lived for over 60 years in a “truly democratic country” and NO-ONE pays me to write or speak my mind.

  15. Istvan,
    Ideologically, in my reading and interpretation of your writing on this matter, we come from a similarity of position and opinion, which rests extremely comfortable to me.
    You may like to read the History – Tertiary Education Fees in Australia – Wikipedia.
    Australia – a Political System of Democracy, under it’s Constitution.
    There are questions that I have asked over decades in relation to Tertiary Education Fees.
    My concern rests in that Families that have been in a Financial Position to send there Children to Private Schools and have sound strong economic Financial Portfolios, living middle to upper class lifestyle, that there child or children are eligible for this Federal Australian Government Provided Funding.
    There is no means testing – which, in my opinion there should be.
    Monies provided to students by the Australian Government, under this scheme – has to be re-paid through various schemes of arrangements outlined in the Funding provision.
    I totally support your views that students, on the completion of there Academic Studies, be, under Legal Contract Law, of clear understanding, that for a period of say 5 years, from the obtaining of there respective degree, you must stay and work in Hungary.
    If students Fail to comply to an arrangement as such – financial penalties should be applied.
    The “brain drain” mentality thought process – to move away outside of there Country, that have provided educational facilities, at extreme high level of tax payers money, then to see, the excessive high levels of students “head hunted” or of there own self appraised evaluation, moving away from there home country, this must be substantially changed and tightened.
    Hungary, we must, and my confidence is in Prime Minister – Victor Orban and his Government, there will be change and incentives will be tabled to make graduated students stay in Hungary and return to the system and there beloved Country that provided there educational needs.
    Remember – President John Fitzgerald Kennedys famous inaugural words in January 1961 :
    ” Ask not what Your Country Can Do for You,
    Ask what You can Do for Your Country ”
    NOT a BAD TIME in the WORLD – to get our Heads around these WISE and True Words ///
    Stay Well.

  16. I do agree with Paulus. Lot of people in Hungary ( or in Easter Europe ) are still learning the true
    meaning of Democracy . Garry .J.A.-Booth . Hansen . hansen , should know it better ( I think ) …
    At times it looks to me , that the transition from decides of Communist rule takes much longer
    then we initially predicted … I do live in Australia – have been for many decades ( thanks God ) .
    But to you all , I wish the very best of good luck ! I feel that you are still my friends.

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