Budapest, October 30 (MTI) – Europe must be defended or it will become victim to a conspiracy and taken away from the citizens who now inhabit it, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at a conference of Christian intellectuals and scientists in Budapest on Friday.

Commenting on the policy paper “The Signs of the Times” which was presented for debate at the conference, Orban said unless something was done, Europe would be taken over and would in the future “fulfil the dreams of a few big-money moving, activist leaders whom nobody has voted for and who think beyond nation states”.

Orban said it was “no accident” that migrants were being transported by the thousands to Europe on a daily basis in an organised way which meant that in the background there was a conscious leftist effort to suspend the idea of nation states in Europe.

“This conspiracy, this betrayal is what we are faced with and against it we must turn to democracy, to the people,” Orban said. A discussion must be started in Europe with the aim of coming out better from it, as a strong and Christian Europe, he added.

Radical nationalist Jobbik responded saying that Orban “has no credibility” when saying that he would turn to democracy, and to the people in connection with the migrant crisis.

“If Orban was indeed serious about protecting a Europe of nation states, he would exercise all the efforts to advocate a European referendum instead of a European debate on this issue,” the party said. “But ruling Fidesz has disabled this direct democratic institution in Hungary,” Jobbik said in a statement.

The opposition Egyutt Party said Orban not only put forward “a nonsense conspiracy theory” but even “told a lie”, because, they said, the policy steps he has taken have not resolved the migrant crisis.

“Orban has not solved anything at all, only transferred the task and responsibility of resolving the common problem onto others via his inhumane and coward policies,” the party said in a statement.

Egyutt said the Hungarian government must accept Brussels’ quota system and design a new migration policy to ease Hungary’s labour force problems caused by the approaching “demographic crisis”.

Photo: MTI


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