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Budapest (MTI) – Hungary’s prime minister will not move to the Buda Castle as he has a family home of his own and does not use a residence either, the prime minister’s press chief told MTI on Friday.

It will depend on the outcome of next year’s general election who will work in the new prime ministerial premises to be established in the Carmelite cloister now under reconstruction, Bertalan Havasi said, commenting on today’s demonstration by opposition Dialogue party activists protesting against the project at the site.

The prime minister is satisfied with his current workplace and is proud of working in one of the finest buildings of Hungary and even of Europe, Havasi said.

The prime minister’s office and the cabinet will leave the Parliament Building upon an explicit request by the National Assembly. In the current parliamentary cycle, however, all the offices concerned will remain in the Parliament Building, he said.

Concerning the protest, Havasi said that “chaining yourself [to an object] is not an expedient method. If opposition politicians chain themselves everywhere how will they participate in the elections?”

Source: MTI

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