Budapest, October 7 (MTI) – Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has promised to speed up the delayed project to renovate Budapest’s third metro line, Budapest Mayor István Tarlós told Friday’s Magyar Nemzet.

Tarlós had detailed talks with Orbán on Thursday about project. Insisting that certain government bodies are hindering the project, he warned of the consequences of any further postponements, telling Orbán that a grave situation could emerge unless 150 replacement buses are soon made available so that the revamp may start.

Asked to comment on reports that Development Minister Miklós Seszták had asked the public procurement committee to suspend a tender for replacement buses, Tarlós said the prime minister had promised to do everything possible to speed up government decision-making processes, though he could not interfere in decisions made by the authority.

The legal steps necessary to end the suspension could drag over into next year and this could delay the revamp project by months, which would then increase the risk of metro stoppages caused by poor technical conditions, he added.

The government has said it wants Hungarian-made buses to be used for replacement services but these have not been manufactured yet.

Source: MTI

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