As reported by 444.hu, Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission is not fazed about the campaign that Viktor Orbán is leading against him; he is more worried about the xenophobia present in the Hungarian political landscape.  

Answering the question asked on Italian public television regarding the European parliamentary elections, he stated he is not bothered about the campaign against him. He is more concerned with the Hungarian prime minister taking a very nationalistic political stance and not accepting unfortunate refugees. “I oppose all forms of xenophobia” he said. According to Jean-Claude Juncker this kind of nationalism and rejection of others leads to war.

The President of the European Commission emphasised, he is not criticising national sovereignty: “I love nations, history, landscapes, cultures and diversity. However, above national identity, we also need to consider the European identity too”.

Jean-Claude Junker was interviewed by the Italian Channel RAI1 on their popular Sunday night talk show Che Tempo che Fa.

Jean-Claude Juncker expressed his concerns regarding the Italian economic climate. However, he praised the country for how they dealt with the migration situation. The EU helped Italy with at least €1 billion. “Perhaps European solidarity was not enough, but we did everything possible” he stated.

Coming to the end of his term as President of the European Commission, on Monday he is visiting Italian Prime Minister Giuselle Conte and on Tuesday President Sergio Mattarella.  He will also meet with former president Giorgio Napolitano, however, he is not planning to hold discussions with party leaders Luigi Di Maio of The Five Star Movement nor with Matteo Salvini, the head of the Northern League.

Juncker and the Hungarian political scene have an intersting relationship. Last year Juncker also stated that Orbán is not a Christian Democrat anymore.

In early March we reported how Jobbik have ‘corrected’ Orban’s anti-Juncker and anti-Soros posters.

Featured image: https://www.facebook.com/JunckerEU

Source: 444.hu, mti.hu

  1. We don’t care or mind what Mr. Whisky thinks or says. His time is over and the sooner he steps back the better for mankind!

  2. Should read JUNK because that is what the man is worth. The lunacy of the EU with regards to immigration has destroyed Europe. No leadership was shown.

  3. The Greek former minister Yanis Varoufakis has applied for the European elections of 26.05.2019, according to himself because the decisions that really matter are being turned into European back rooms. The problem is that in the European Union the member states are not really sovereign, the economist says. Our national parliaments have no real sovereignty because all important decisions are taken in back rooms in Brussels and Frankfurt, where democracy does not apply, he continues.
    He noted that European governments have created institutions that cannot work. The rules are made to break them, Varoufakis says. The German Finance Minister said to me at the time: You have a mandate, but I also have one. The strongest rules: the definition of tyranny, it sounds.
    What I am saying is that power in the EU is in the hands of an invisible oligarchy, the former minister explains. The Member States have no power, the European Commission has no power, who does? People you’ve never seen. You wouldn’t recognize them if you bump into them, he adds. This is the dirtiest form of politics, where power is unconditional but hidden, he concludes.

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