Hospitals are unable to guarantee the safe treatment of patients, says the Association of Hungarian Doctors. It is another tell-tale sign of the current state of healthcare in Hungary. understands that the president of the Association of Hungarian Doctors complained about the state of Hungarian hospitals on live TV.

He mentioned that doctors working overtime is not the answer to this issue and expressed his puzzlement as to what the government could be waiting for.

The statement follows months of negotiations that ultimately ended in disappointment: the government refused to raise wages for employees working in healthcare. This stands in contrast to their vow to spend more money on healthcare next year. 

István Éger’s statement fits in the long line of apparent healthcare problems in Hungary: from labour shortage to terrifying rates of lethal infections Hungarian hospitals have been struggling for years to provide adequate services: this happens despite the doctors’ best efforts which often include seriously working overtime.

A state audit recently discovered that Hungarian hospitals are seriously mismanaged financially.


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