armed robbery

The movie-like incident happened in April 2019 when two perpetrators – disguised as police officers – stopped a car and robbed its passengers with a weapon on the M5 motorway in the Hungarian Bács-Kiskun county.

The fake police officers threatened and abused the Romanian driver and his two passengers and then took their money. One of the suspects also had a gas and alarm weapon that were fired several times. The roadblocks eventually forced their victims to hand over the vehicle and then drove it away from the scene. Investigators later found the victims’ car that was looted and abandoned along the highway.

The authorities immediately began the investigation to find the unknown perpetrators. As a result of extensive data collection, it has been revealed that

the crime was committed by two Romanian men who falsified the license plates of their own cars during the robbery.

As the news portal Telex reports, the perpetrators immediately left the country after the incident; therefore, the Hungarian police issued an international arrest warrant against them.

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One of the perpetrators, a 26-year-old Romanian man, was arrested in Romania in October 2019. His extradition and detention took place in November 2019.

His accomplice, a 35-year-old man of Romanian nationality, was found in Madrid this March.

Following a successful extradition procedure, the suspect was handed over to the investigators of the Bács-Kiskun County Police Headquarters on 7th May 2021.

According to, the man was interrogated, detained, and his arrest has been initiated with the charge of robbery, arbitrary seizure of a vehicle, and misuse of unique identity proof.

Bus driver-robbery attempt
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