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Lake Balaton: the sea of Hungary, and the favourite vacation spot of many.

The lavender fields in Tihany not only smell amazing but also provide a beautiful backdrop for your Instagram feed.

And while you are on the isle of Tihany, you should definitely take a hike with friends, family or pets in Sajkod.

Balatonfüred is just one of the many beautiful cities around this lake. Perhaps you should consider doing what many do and go on a bicycle tour around it.

lake balaton train

Or if you happen to get tired, hop on a train.

balaton surflake water

Maybe take a dip in the water. However, we advise you to only do this during summer time.

Even though the lake is gorgeous in the winter, too.

And even after a storm. And especially at sunset.

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If you are a wine-lover, do not hesitate to visit Badacsony.

balaton swan twilight

The swan makes the already magical lake in the sunset look like it is straight out of a fairytale.


Balaton Sound should also be mentioned for music and party lovers. And they just announced the first round of performers for 2020.

beautiful autumn
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Source: Daily News Hungary

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