Plácido Domingo

World-famous maestro, Plácido Domingo believes that Virtuosos is an unprecedented program which discovers amazing Hungarian musicians, whom millions of people should see (and hear). As a public supporter of the show, he thinks everyone should be proud of Hungary for producing such a unique show.

Plácido Domingo says that the Hungarian television program, Virtuosos is unique in the world, Forbes reports.

“You can truly be proud of yourselves and Hungary because Virtuosos is unique in the world. We are discovering amazing musicians who can play wonderfully.”

Virtuosos is Hungary’s only classical music-based reality competition television program for children and young adults. The producer of the show is Mariann Peller, who is responsible for developing the format of the show. The show’s patron is the wife of the President of Hungary, Mrs Anita Hercegh.

Mariann Peller told Nicholas Marko about the show (he is the manager of Plácido Domingo who happens to be of Hungarian origins), and of course, Marko introduced the show to the maestro himself, who has been a fan of it ever since. 

Plácido Domingo is not only a fan of the program, but also an official supporter and international mentor for the show. Besides, he is also one of the shareholders of Virtuosos Holding Ltd.

He meets with the contestants every year, and he also donated instruments. The lucky ones even get the chance to perform together with the maestro.

“The Hungarians talents have been amazing me since the very first show. The format is attracting a young and new audience and reaches the lovers of music. I hope that, as an active shareholder of Virtuosos Holding Ltd, I can offer additional support thanks to my experiences and connections.”

Plácido Domingo is not the only international star who is an open supporter of the show. The famous Chinese pianist Lang Lang is also praising the Hungarian talents everywhere he goes. He believes that Hungarian classical music will have the honour again.

The Virtuosos is currently running its fifth season. The winner of which will be announced on 7 June.


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