According to hírtv.hu, PM Orbán and people from his inner circle can be banned from the United States. Based on a new law, vice-president of Frontiers of Freedom, Miklós Radványi wrote a letter to secretaries of state and treasury. In this letter, he cleared that eight important individuals harmed the liberty of Hungarians and non-Hungarians because they participated and benefited from corrupt actions and practices. These people include not only PM Orbán, but also ministers János Lázár and Antal Rogán and chief prosecutor Péter Polt. President Trump has time until September to decide about their ban from the USA.

PM Orbán and his inner circle occupied Hungary

According to Radványi, Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act authorises the President to impose financial sanctions and visa restrictions on foreign persons in response to certain

human rights violations and acts of significant corruption.

He adds that ‘the act has the potential to deter any present and future kleptocrats and those who use and would contemplate employing violence to silence dissent to perpetuate their power, forcing these deplorable individuals to think twice before committing their criminal acts.’

According to them,

Fidesz made Hungary a rogue state.

In the next lines, he draws a very sad picture about Hungary. According to him, democracy has been replaced by “illiberal democracy” while the system of checks and balances has gradually disappeared. Furthermore, the rule of law has become non-existent, too. Moreover, Fidesz appointed subservient judges thus even the Supreme Court is faithful to Viktor Orbán instead of the constitution. Besides, ‘the Chief Prosecutor’s office is occupied by a jurist by the name of Peter Polt whose sole responsibility is to block any prosecution of Viktor Orbán, his family, and members of his inner circle for a variety of egregious criminal offences. Furthermore, he has to conduct sham investigations against individuals in opposition to the Prime Minister and his party. Economic freedoms also have fallen to the “pay to play” mentality that has introduced

absolute corruption in every sphere of the Hungarian economy.’

As a result, ‘today there is no democracy, there is no rule of law, and there is no free market economy in Hungary.’

Radványi’s list

Radványi states that the cooperation between Russia and Hungary is even more alarming. He mentions the rapid contract signing with Rosatom in case of the expansion of Paks II nuclear plant. Furthermore, he adds that this process ‘has given rise to serious speculations inside Hungary and across the globe about the possible political corruption surrounding the entire deal.’

Radványi mentions

eight names the US government should consider to ban:

Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary;

Janos Lazar, Minister in Charge of the Prime Minister’s Office;

Antal Rogan, Minister in Charge for the Prime Minister’s Cabinet Office;

Peter Polt, Chief Prosecutor of Hungary;

Gyorgy Matolcsy, Chairman of the National Bank of Hungary;

Gyozo Orban, Father of Viktor Orban;

Levai Aniko, Wife of Viktor Orban;

Lorinc Meszaros, Mayor of Felcsut;

Istvan Tiborcz, Son in Law of Viktor Orban.

Should the American authorities find Radványi’s notification grounded, they can ban even the PM. In any way soever, Washington has time until September to analyse the papers annexed to Radványi’s letter.

Source: hirtv.hu, ff.org, Daily News Hungary

  1. This is a total smere against the Hungarian government. Just before an election too. I wonder.

  2. Radvanyi and his organization got support from Bush. Just another pushing their own agenda, globalists agenda at that.

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