Brussels, September 3 (MTI) – Europe today is not facing a refugee crisis because most of the illegal migrants are not refugees, Prime Minister Viktor Orban told a news conference in Brussels after talks with the president of the European Commission.

Many of the migrants are indeed refugees but many more are not fleeing wars or persecution but have set out to Europe in hope of having a better standard of living, Orban said after meeting Jean-Claude Juncker. There is an increasing number of migrants who are not from war zones and there is an unlimited supply of them, he added.

Orban said it should be made clear to these people that it is not worth setting out to Europe in search of a better life. Migrants who are not from war zones will not get the opportunity to live on the continent, he added.

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Photo: MTI


  1. Yes, I do agree with these words. If they would be genuine refugees they would be very happy to come to Hungary and stay in Hungary, a peaceful, beautiful country. Difficult to find a job, yes, difficult to cope with a difficult new language, yes. High standard of living and rich hand outs, not really, but there is peace and there are friendly people and life is affordable.

  2. You are right. Most of the migrants are only opportunist migrants. In Hungary there is no threat to their life and they are so much safe there but they still insist on moving to Germany. A genuine refugee will stay in a safe country like Hungary and all others will move on to choose a best country in Europe.

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