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The nomination of the Hungarian-American Antony Blinken for the position of Secretary of State (Minister of Foreign Affairs) is a huge success for those who have been working for the past 20-30 years on strengthening American-Hungarian relations. How did Hungary take the news, and what can the country do to use this advantageous situation? 

For Hungarians, the appointment of Blinken has special importance, not only because he will be responsible for the relations between the two countries but also because he is of Hungarian origins from his mother’s side. Although his grandparents on this side were already born in the States, they were Hungarian Jews. Antony is to follow in his father’s footsteps, as in 1994, Donald Blinken was appointed Ambassador to Budapest in which position he worked until 1997 while successfully campaigning for Hungary joining NATO, writes Telex.

The appointment of Antony Blinken can bring changes to the whole world. 

When it comes to his views on international affairs, he considers himself an interventionist. He believes that global powers, such as the United States of America, have the responsibility to protect those who had suffered any atrocities and to propagate the values of democracy.

He thinks they need to rebuild co-operations destroyed under the Trump presidency. Blinken would build a global system of co-operation among democracies of the world to repress the growing influence of Russia and China.
In relation to global migration, he believes that a wall and a fence are not the solution; they should rather prevent the migration of millions of people from these developing countries. For this purpose, they have to avoid armed conflicts and build a sustainable institutional system based on democracy. He says that financial aids allocated to developing countries need to be spent on governmental, legal, economic, and security reforms and to fight corruption.

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Hungary can find itself in the spotlight together with Eastern Europe, primarily because of Russian and Chinese influence in the region. Blinken plans to stand up more directly against the two big powers than the Trump administration did. Part of this would mean the increase of NATO soldiers in the region, but it is absolutely possible that he will stand up against those countries as well that facilitate the Russian and Chinese increase of influence, for instance, Hungary.

This can be a source of tension causing conflict between the USA and Hungary, primarily because of the loans asked from Russia to build the country’s second nuclear power plant and those obtained from China for the Budapest-Belgrade railway line. Then there is the case of the Russian International Investment Bank openly doing its business in Budapest while it is considered by many the cover organisation of the Russian secret agency.

Meanwhile, one of the main sources of conflict in the upcoming year can be the 5G coalition against China if Hungary does not wish to join.

The point of the coalition, which most of the Western countries have joined already, is not to entrust Huawei or any other Chinese companies with the configuration of the 5G network because of the fear that the company can have access to information flowing through the system and can provide the Communist state party with it.

Overall, a foreign Minister of Hungarian origins could have a huge impact on the country and on the region as well. It could provide the possibility to tighten relations between the countries from a political, cultural, economic, technological, educational, or military point of view. Hungary could even obtain an enhanced position in the region.

However, the Orbán administration was the first one to openly support Donald Trump’s presidential ambitions. When Joe Biden was elected the next president of the United States, PM Orbán was the last one in the region to congratulate him; meanwhile, on the platforms of the state media, they were still not willing to accept his win. Moreover, news that had very little to do with the truth was published about how the new president had cheated. 

This Tuesday, attacks on Blinken started as well, linking him and his father to George Soros and mentioning the negative opinion of Donald Blinken on the Orbán administration. The Prime Minister openly said he does not want the US to bother him with questions concerning corruption, human rights, and the systematic destruction of democracy, as the EU does.  So it is not a surprise that he is not satisfied with Anthony Blinken who represents exactly this sort of politics.

Hungary has a real ace in his hands; it only depends on the government if they will take advantage of it, or the complete opposite, putting the country on a blacklist. 

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  1. The news media so badly wants Biden to be the new President but that may not happen. The Democrat Party went a little too far with their massive provable vote fraud and the election may be decided by the US Supreme Court or the US House of Representatives. So the Presstitutes would do good to remember that they don’t select the US President. The American people do. So just because the media pronounce something as fact does NOT make it so.

  2. Yes. A Biden administration, like the Obama administration, will be hostile to both Hungary and Poland and especially Orban. The reason for this is that they do not go along with the Globalist world order and open borders. Both of these countries spent over 40 years under foreign domination and they are not keen on others dictating to them about democracy and how they should think. Expect a very hostile new US Ambassador in both of their capitals and endless lectures about how they should accept illegal aliens.

  3. @Jack Russell: it was the Republicans who have tried (and failed) to game the system. Trump lost; there was no ‘massive fraud’ fraud which is why even conservative judges are throwing out the cases being brought, so get over it! On second note, was this article translated from Hungarian into English by Google Translate? It’s syntax is very ‘disjointed’ to put it mildly.

  4. To those lefty idiots that still believe Corrupt Biden will do anything good, you have no idea what is coming your way but will soon regret you ever voted the communists in!

  5. @Marc: Do you mean communists like Xi Jinping and his Communist Party of the PRC that the Hungarian government is falling over itself to get into bed with?

  6. I do not see why liberals ( Biden, Blinken, Harris ) should be sympathetic with the illiberal Magyaricus Goulash with ears. They will keep basic relations, that is it.
    The U.S. cares below zero about a tiny little country like Hungary ( representing a mere 1/45 of the EU’s area, population… ) and will care even less if Hungary keeps shifting towards illiberalism and dictatorial governance.
    What matters to the U.S. is the EU as a whole, not Hungary. I doubt that many U.S. politicians can even place Hungary on the world atlas and if you ask any average educated U.S. person: ” where is Hungary? ” the answer is likely to be: ” somewhere in Eastern Europe”….
    If not educated, answer most likely to be: ” somewhere in Russia “…. ( which, given recent developments, is not that wrong…. )

  7. Biden is not the president elect, the election is not over. The media does not decide who wins elections. Sydney Powell has massive evidence of election fraud. The lawsuits filed by Trump’s legal team are headed to the Supreme Court of the United States after they have gone through the lower courts. Explain to me how Biden would win when his largest rally had an attendance of 771 people. Trump’s largest rally attendance was 60,000 people. Trump is going after foreign interference in US elections.

  8. @Suzy Q: You so out of touch. The Republican Party have already stated that Sydney Powell is nothing to do with them snd that her and that she is not acting on their behalf. Buden held virtual rallies to prevent Covid spread so he reached millions; physical attendance is irrelevant. Finally, Trump today has said that he will bide by the Electoral College vote (which as it stands gives Biden 306 when 270 is needed to win). The administration has already begun the transition process. Even if a case about one state reached the Supreme Court (unlikely) and if the Supreme Court reversed the result of that one state, it would not be enough for Trump to remain power.

  9. Paulus, Personally, I don’t give a about Trump either, In fact I hate ALL the American and UK politicians because they are beyond belief corrupt. I gotta wonder if they are teaching classes on how to line their pockets to some of the other European politicians? Sure seems that way in Brussels No matter you can like any politician that suits you but just remember they are all the very sorts of people that should never be allowed to hold or serve in any elected or appointed position in a government. Trump and Biden included.

  10. Dear Hurts,
    You are the one out of touch. Sydney Powell is working for the people of the United States. There are other lawyers working for Trump. Nobody was watching Biden’s virtual rallies, he did not reach millions, unfortunately, because if he did they would see what he is like now. Have you watched him? I have, it’s sad. Nope, Biden is not at 306. It’s not just one state, it’s many states and The People will win. FYI electorial college works differently than you may think. It’s not over yet. Biden is not the president elect. Keep watching

  11. Paulus, Seems like the students have learned well from the teachers.

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