Budapest, May 28 (MTI) – The policy for Hungarian communities abroad is at the start of a new era and symbolic acts can now be followed by practical tasks that require innovation and major resources, parliamentary speaker Laszlo Kover said today.

He told the founding meeting of the committee for national cohesion that “the fabric of the nation” must be rewoven and the right means must be identified to ensure that every Hungarian in the Carpathian Basin gets connected to health, education and economic services.

The policy for Hungarian communities abroad is not a task of foreign policy but one of domestic policy, Kover said. Working with “severed parts of the nation” must be regarded as a domestic issue, he added.

Kover asked the members of the new committee to assess the results of the general election in the context of which policies had received support from new Hungarian citizens living abroad.

Photo: MTI – Lajos Soos


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