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The Hungarian band Bordó Sárkány (Bordeaux Dragon) has presented its new video clip Legenda (Legend) from their 4th upcoming album inspired by the story of the well-known piper of the steppe called Márton Tulok Balogh who lived in the 19th century.

According to, sailing on their folk vessel on the international sea of modern themes since 2010, the Bordeaux Dragon navigates us towards their authentic musical world which nourishes not only from the Hungarian folk traditions but also fuses Sephardi Jewish, Celtic and Catalan motives, thus creating exceptional flows of melodies.

Their uniqueness lies in the exclusive application of acoustic musical instruments; this song is special as well because its central theme originates from the Hungarian folkloric tradition, but the band twists its performance by playing it without its typical musical instruments.

We can hear the deep-toned mandocello, the cobza (or koboz), the tones of the violin, enjoy the sound of medieval bagpipes, and move to the rhythms of the tapan (a large double-headed drum played with mallets), all this old historical music essence spiced up with 21st-century modern vibes. A new refreshing aural cocktail to taste.

The story of Márton Tulok Balogh is based on the folk song preserved by the folk singer Tamás Kobzos Kiss and his father, Tamás Kiss, which has been adopted by the band. The clip depicts the extraordinary talent of the piper who could make everyone dance all night/day long with his pipe music. “The DJ of the 19th century,” we could say.

The music video

This music video, shot at Hortobágy National Park (East Hungary), has been the biggest project in the band’s history. Zsuzsanna Madák from Csokonai Theatre of Debrecen who directed the clip, and Roland Dickmann, the one who imagined the clip, aimed to present the typical motives of the Hortobágy with its pure natural beauty using modern cinematographic technology to create harmony between music and visuality. Indeed, a beautiful scenery pleases our eyes while watching the video, depicting the country’s incredible flora and fauna. Besides, it features the horsemen of Szabó Horsecourt of Fehérgyarmat and the Hajdu Folk Dance Ensemble of Debrecen, amongst others.

The band has played in 13 different countries in the past years, and they are regular performers at thematic and world music festivals. Their next concert is October 4th in Fogasház, Budapest, and they also participate in the theatre show Carmina Burana in Erkel Theatre during the autumn season.

They are one of the righteous representants of Hungarian music and culture. Wherever they are, they energise everyone and create a vibrant atmosphere which lifts the concert experience to a whole new level that you will surely never forget.

For more information about the band, click here: Bordó Sárkány

By Kata Barkó


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