Budapest, January 1 (MTI) – As we celebrate New Year’s Day in 2015 we also celebrate the 25th anniversary of a free, independent and democratic Hungary, which has emerged from our dreams, Hungary’s President Janos Ader said in his New Year’s address televised at Wednesday midnight.

Download (54)Thanks to the efforts and joint perseverance of 25 years ago the post-1990 generation no longer had to experience life in a country that was separated from western Europe by the Iron Curtain, the president said.

Twenty-five years ago Hungarians embarked on a new era long-awaited by millions: the era of freedom.

“1990 is one of the most important milestones of our thousand-year history,” he said.

The lessons of the past quarter of a century tell us that we should not look at who is to the Left or Right amongst us, but we should be looking forward,” Ader said.

“I wish all Hungarians, all our friends and good-willed neighbours a happy New Year! I hope the New Year brings some relief to all who are suffering, health to the ill, and success and peace for our beloved country!,” he added.

The president asked all Hungarians to hold hands with their neighbours, but also to do so in spirit with all Hungarians.

He urged Hungarians to put some joint plans next to their New Year’s resolutions, such as efforts to respect one another and each other’s achievements on every day of the New Year. He urged everyone to make a resolution to respect in each other what is human, and what is Hungarian. He urged resolutions to include protection of the natural environment, as “it is not nature that needs us, people, but us who need nature, the source of our life,” he noted.

Photo: MTI


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