Hungarians living as emigrants are part of the Hungarian political nation, President Janos Ader said at a 1956 memorial event in the United Magyar House in Los Angeles on Saturday local time, and MTI reports. according, Ader told around 200 people attending the event that ever since the peaceful civic transformation of Hungary, nobody could say that emigrants were not part of the political nation. The Hungarian parliament passed a new citizenship law in 2010 “that opened the gates wide to all those that wish to become citizens of the Hungarian state out of their free will,” Ader said.

He expressed appreciation of the Hungarian Americans’ efforts to preserve their identity and said that Hungary respected their achievements and success. Additionally, he expressed thanks to the US for accommodating them.

Earlier on Saturday, Ader met a group of Hungarians who left the country after the ill-fated 1956 anti-Soviet uprising, including Nobel laureate chemist Gyorgy Olah.



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