Budapest, December 21 (MTI) – Some sixty people participated in a protest organised by NGOs against the Supreme Court’s recent decision on FX loans in Budapest, submitting a petition to a court official and to Economy Ministry deputy state secretary Peter Beno Banai on Saturday.

In line with the legal conformity decision made by the Kuria this Monday, loans denominated in foreign currency are not against the law and do not constitute usury.

Head of the Hungarian Social Forum Endre Simo said at the protest that the Kuria decision “sanctified the rights of fraudsters and exploiters.” Head of the Bank Trap Interest Protection civil organisation Zsolt Falus said FX loans are “simple but modern tools for usury.”

Banai told the demonstrators that the government had already introduced several measured to help troubled FX loan holders.

The protest which started at the Kuria building and then moved to the economy ministry finished without any incident.

Photo: MTI –  Szilárd Koszticsák


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