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PM candidate Dobrev pledges recalculation of forex loans

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK), if it forms Hungary's next government, will have retail loans denominated in foreign currencies recalculated

European Court of Justice: Hungarian law on FX loans complies with EU directive

The legislation prohibits invalidation of loan contracts on the basis of certain conditions ?? #fxloan #hungary #bank #eu #CJEU #dailynewshungary

Orbán cabinet suspends debt service for businesses, individuals – UPDATE

Hungarian government has also decided to extend short term business loans until June 30

Socialists want new laws on forex loans

#FXloan #Socialists #Hungary

Leftist opposition call on courts to suspend forex loan-related procedures

Socialists, Párbeszéd and DK parties have called on the courts to suspend all ongoing non-payment procedures, auctions and home evictions relating to foreign currency loans

Opposition women lawmakers call for extending moratorium on forced evictions

#fxloan #socialists #dk #jobbik #liberals

Opposition LMP calls for a review of FX loans in light of Europe’s top court rulings

#LMP called on the #government to move without delay to recalculate loans banks "forced on to borrowers unfairly"

Socialists seek termination of EBRD agreement to benefit forex debtors

#fxloan #socialists #hungary #ebrd

Socialists call on Hungarian government to withdraw from EBRD pact

"The interests of FX loan-holders were not served at all since PM Orbán executes the #EBRD pact to the letter" - #Socialists #hungary #hungarian #mszp #fidesz

Socialists-Párbeszéd calls on government to pull out from EBRD agreement on FX loans

PM Orbán "sold FX loan borrowers to the banks for money - #Socialists #Párbeszéd #hungary #hungarian

Leftist opposition DK calls on govt to end home evictions

Democratic Coalition (#DK) has called on the government to suspend #home #evictions with immediate effect

Hungary’s supreme court to assess CJEU ruling on forex borrowers

#Hungary's Kúria (supreme court) is assessing ruling of the European Union's Court of Justice (#CJEU) affecting #forex #borrowers

Special parliament session on home-care service fees, FX borrowers fails to reach quorum

Lawmakers of the ruling alliance (#Fidesz #Kdnp) stayed away from the session... #Hungary #Hungarian #parliament

Socialists call for special parliament session to debate situation of FX borrowers

"Last year, the banks made EUR 2.16bn off Hungarian families" - #mszp #socialsts #hungary #hungarian #parliament #devizahitel

Socialists, Párbeszéd pledge to stand by FX loan-holders

Their joint candidate said that they stand by investors hurt by the fall of Quaestor #Hungary

Hungary’s legal changes taking effect on Jan. 1

Hungary faces several legal changes as of Jan. 1, 2018 Details:

FX home loans almost gone from Hungarian market

"The average maturity of home loans in H1 2017 was 15.1 years"

Special session of parliament: Ruling Fidesz party and Christian Democrats stayed away

"By staying away, the government declared that they do not want to help foreign-currency loan-holders" - LMP

LMP urges package to help forex borrowers

"60,000 Hungarian families were facing evictions, while some 10,000 such procedures were already under way" - #LMP

LMP backs Socialists’ call to hold special session of parliament

Green opposition #LMP has backed the Socialist Party's (#Mszp) call to hold a special session of parliament over the summer