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Socialists, Párbeszéd pledge to stand by FX loan-holders

Socialists, Párbeszéd pledge to stand by FX loan-holders

The allied Socialist and Párbeszéd parties will fulfil the claims of FX loan-holders and those hurt by the fall of the Quaestor brokerage firm if they are elected to government in April, Gergely Karácsony, the prime minister candidate of the two parties said on Wednesday.

Speaking at a press conference where groups of FX loan holders and investors hurt by Quaestor also demonstrated, Karácsony called for cooperation between the groups, saying that “their lives have been hurt by bad politics”.

Socialist deputy group leader László Szakács insisted that banks claim a total of 2,000-2,500 billion forints (EUR 6.5bn) “more than their due” from holders of foreign denominated loans taken out before the 2008 financial crisis.

He said that


the National Bank should take responsibility for the damages caused by Quaestor as it has failed to protect investments and monitor the firm.

Quaestor failed in 2015 after it was found to have sold some 150 billion forints (EUR 483m) worth of unsanctioned bonds.

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  1. máté pál

    You are the biggest liars other than Gyurccány. You lousy opposition parties will do anything to gain recognition.

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