Budapest, 2017. március 7. Középen Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök a határvadászképzés második és harmadik ütemében kinevezett tiszthelyettesek ünnepélyes eskütételén a budapesti Hungexpón 2017. március 7-én. Mellette balra Papp Károly országos rendõrfõkapitány, Pintér Sándor belügyminiszter, jobbra Simicskó István honvédelmi miniszter, Bakondi György, a miniszterelnök belbiztonsági fõtanácsadója, Benkõ Tibor vezérezredes, a Honvéd Vezérkar fõnöke (b-j). MTI Fotó: Koszticsák Szilárd

Budapest, March 7 (MTI) – The influx of migrants has ebbed but has not come to an end, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Tuesday at an oath-taking ceremony for “border-hunter” police. “We are still under attack,” Orbán said.

The pressure on Hungary’s borders will not cease in the next few years because millions more people are preparing to set off in the hope of a better life, Orbán said. “We can only rely on ourselves,” he said, adding that the European Union could not be relied upon and “they only make our job more difficult”.

The migration crisis will last until its causes are removed, he said.

“It will remain on the agenda until it is recognised everywhere that migration is a Trojan horse for terrorism,” the prime minister added.

Orbán asked the new border police to act firmly but humanely and follow the rule of the law.

Photo: MTI

He added that the regulations also apply to migrants who want to cross the border illegally. “This is the reality and cannot be overridden by any form of whining human rights nonsense”.

Hungary is currently one of the safest countries in Europe, the prime minister said.

“If the world sees that we can protect our borders, that the enforced border seal is impossible to penetrate and that we continue to insist on our laws — and we do not waver for a second — then nobody will attempt to come to Hungary illegally,” he said. It is reasonable that only people whose identity and motives have been clarified should enter Hungary, he added.

“We Hungarians want a Europe where we can live our own Hungarian lives. The number one condition for such an appealing Hungary is security, which requires laws and people who are dedicated to protecting them,” he added.

The government decided last August to increase the number of border police by 3,000 and recruitment started on Sept. 1.

The first group of new recruits took their oath on Jan. 12 and an additional 462 took their oath today at a ceremony also attended by Interior Minister Sándor Pintér and Defence Minister István Simicskó.

Source: MTI

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