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The European Commission is “incompetent, helpless and week” and has no solution for the migration issue Europe is facing, the Hungarian human resources minister said in an interview published by Poland’s weekly wSieci on Monday.

In his interview, Zoltán Balog insisted that the Commission “would not admit” to that weakness and “cannot bear Hungary, Poland, or Central Europe have a solution of their own”.

Balog said that “several million people are heading for Europe” and the community should come up with clear rules of immigration, but “it is up to member states to decide who they want to live together with”. Hungary will fight “arbitrary measures” by the EU and “it will do its utmost” because it thinks that “migrant quotas are illegitimate and hazardous”.

Hungary does not wish to leave the EU but it will work to change decision making mechanisms. He added that Hungary’s Fidesz would not quit the European People’s Party, either, but it will “fight for the sovereignty of a nation state and to preserve a way of life arising from Christianity”.

Source: MTI/wSieci

  1. Do not be cowed by the incompetent EU over their immigration policies, stick to your rejection to retain your Christian Culture and peaceful society.

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