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The journalists of délmagyar.hu have caught out three Serbian policemen as they were directing refugees to the Tisza floodplain, hvg.hu reported.

The Hungarian journalists were originally waiting for a bus carrying refugees in Magyarkanizsa, Serbia, but, according to the article of délmagyar.hu, the bus did not stop in the city.

The journalists decided to follow the bus, which eventually stopped next to a floodplain of Tisza River, three kilometres far from its supposed destination. Here, three policemen got off the bus and directed the refugees towards the floodplain. The three policemen then got on the bus again, and headed back to Magyarkanizsa.

After the bus drove away, the journalists spoke with the refugees, who said they had no idea why they had been released right there. The policemen ordered them to walk along the river to reach their original destination, they said.

based on the article of hvg.hu
translated by Gábor Hajnal

Photos have been made on the case by délmagyar.hu

Source: hvg.hu

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