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The green opposition LMP has called on ruling Fidesz and the opposition Jobbik party to support its proposal aimed at helping troubled forex borrowers.

LMP spokesman Máté Kanász-Nagy told a press conference on Friday that under his party’s proposal, to be discussed at an extraordinary session of parliament, evictions of forex mortgage holders would be stopped. He added that some 60,000 families were facing evictions, while some 10,000 such procedures were already under way.

Meanwhile, commenting on press reports suggesting that heads of large state companies could be granted premiums of up to 80 percent of their annual income, the spokesman said that those “shameless” bonuses should be scrapped “unless railway or post office clerks, guards or delivery people are granted them too”.

Answering a question about another press report suggesting that staff at government agencies had doubled since 2010, Kanász-Nagy said that “Fidesz lied” when it had pledged a smaller bureaucracy.

On July, opposition Jobbik party has called on the government to revisit all decisions affecting FX loan-holders and to hold relevant discussions in parliament.

Source: MTI

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