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Opposition Jobbik party has called on the government to revisit all decisions affecting FX loan-holders and to hold relevant discussions in parliament.

A law firm linked to László Trócsányi, the minister of Justice, represents the banks in lawsuits brought by borrowers, Jobbik lawmaker Dániel Z. Kárpát noted at a press conference on Tuesday.

“This is a lamentable and a shameful conflict of interest,” he said, adding that Fidesz’s impartiality on such matters was questionable.

The point of reference for converting FX loans into forints should be from the loan’s outset, he argued. Meanwhile, he called for eviction and non-payment procedures to be suspended.

It is wrong to doom borrowers who were largely blameless when it came to taking advantage of FX loans, the Jobbik politician said.

Answering a question about Jobbik MEP Béla Kovács, who failed to appear before the prosecutor earlier in June, Kárpát said ill health had prevented him for doing so.

Source: MTI

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