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The implementation of the European Union’s migrant quota scheme alone will not be enough to resolve Europe’s migrant crisis, a lawmaker of Bavaria’s CSU party told the Thursday edition of daily Magyar Hírlap.

The crisis requires a pan-European solution supported by both the European Council and the European Parliament, Tobias Zech told the paper.

“If we implement a refugee quota, we also have to think about its consequences,” he said.

“It would mean interfering in the basic rights of member states, restricting the free movement of people and imposing stricter controls on the member states’ borders,” he added.

As we wrote on end of August, the German government expressed grave concerns over the Hungarian asylum system and as a result, it stopped sending asylum seekers back to Hungary.

Zech also said that Germany needed to set a cap for the number of asylum seekers it is willing to take in, arguing that

the German economy could not handle an “unlimited inflow” of people.

As we wrote before, almost three quarters of Hungarians surveyed by the Századvég Foundation before European court ruling want the government to pursue its fight against the European Union’s mandatory migrant resettlement scheme.

You can read the full article in Hungarian:

Photo: Deutscher Bundestag

Source: Magyar Hírlap/MTI

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