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Budapest, September 18 (MTI) – The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) has placed over 500 massive billboards as part of a campaign against the government’s Oct. 2 referendum on European Union migrant quotas.

Party spokesman Zsolt Gréczy told MTI on Sunday that DK volunteers were locating themselves in thousands of public areas around the country to collect signatures ahead of the closing event of the campaign on Oct. 1, when the Democratic Coalition plans to form a human chain around Parliament.

DK has called on the government to “shut down” the popular vote on migrant quotas and spend the billions of forints on alleviating child hunger instead.

Greczy insisted that the referendum had become an obsolete issue in the wake of Friday’s Bratislava European Union informal summit, where a decision was made to beef up defences of the external border and to avoid implementing binding migrant quotas. Not only is the referendum unnecessary but it is also corrosive, since it weakens Hungary’s position within the EU, he added.

The DK spokesman said that Viktor Orbán, the prime minister, was isolated in Europe. He insisted that the other leaders of Visegrad Group countries, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, had started to “back out from behind him”.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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