The reconstruction works in the area of the legendary castle gets into a new phase, according to

The improvement continues in the castle due to the Modern Cities Program.

As the media respondent of Eger’s town hall, László Zentai, reported, the project currently consists of the following, according to the government regulation: the castle’s medieval main square and the Provisor’s palace will be reconstructed.

The medieval cathedral and its surroundings will also be renewed. The northern bastions will be repaired, as well as the Gothic palace and its area. Zárkándy Bastion and the ruins of the former castle walls will be restored.

The iconic building

The Gothic palace within the center of the castle currently serves as a venue for events and exhibitions. It is said to be an iconic building in the national monument. Its facade and environment will be renewed.

The shows of the traditional groups and the building’s image will help visitors get into a true medieval mood.

The project also includes the reconstruction of the Gothic loggia and the restoration of the late Gothic part of the palace. The attic will be used as a venue for performances, exhibitions and events. The arcades on the ground floor will be restored.

The project’s total estimated budget is 15.8 million euros. The municipal had received two supporters so far: one contribution of 821,000 euros, and another million EUR for the reconstruction of the Zárkánd Bastion. The preparations are in progress. The area is being prepared, the program is being designed. The reparation of the castle wall has begun.

A gateway to the past

Besides the Modern Cities Program, almost 5 million euros were received from the Széchenyi Plan for the improvement of tourism related to the Castle of Eger. The project will be executed by Gyula Forster National Heritage and Asset Management, and its successor, Budavári Ingatlanfejlesztő és Üzemeltető Nonprofit Ltd.

The project is under development, the permissions and the blueprints are ready.

The improvement affects multiple buildings in the castle: namely the Southern and the Hippolyt Gate, the Varkoch Bastion, the castle walls, the banner hill, the hospital basement, Cipóosztó House and the prison exhibition. Varkoch Bastion will be restored to its original state from the 16th century.

The gate mechanism will be repaired. A historically correct guardhouse will be established upstairs and an overlook on the top.

The bridge between eras

Visitors will be able to enter the backyard of the castle through the ground floor of the bastion. They will encounter armored guards on the way in. The ground floor will be full of cannons pointing towards the loopholes.

The full restoration of the gate bastion is important for the image of the town. This process will include the repairing of the drawbridge with the ditches underneath. This gate will be opened and closed ceremonially during events.

A guardhouse will be constructed upstairs with contemporary furniture and weaponry. Visitors may observe the drawbridge machinery more closely there.

These projects serve the improvement of tourism in the area of the Castle of Eger. The ideal circumstances for welcoming visitors will be created.

On the other hand, the memorial function of the fortress will be preserved.


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