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Marci, the Hungarian Labrador, is reportedly the newest superstar in America. Marci was stuck in the middle of the frozen Csunya Lake which is located in Pécel (Pest County) not far from Gödöllő and Budapest. The Hungarian firefighters rescued the poor dog, and their video about the mission went viral in the States.

Élő Bolygónk reported that the Hungarian Disaster Management asked for the help of the Hungarian firefighters when they found Marci.

The frozen lake’s ice was incredibly thin, so it was inevitable that the dog might fall into the freezing water.

After the firefighters examined the lake, they immediately urged scuba-divers to help the rescue team, who saved the dog with special rescue equipment. The dog was exhausted and cold, and he barely had the energy to bark. After the dog was put on the special equipment, the divers took him to the shore where he was given back to its owner. A vet also took part in the action and examined Marci right after the scuba-divers rescued him.

Luckily, the only matter with Marci was that he got frightened.

Here is the video about the rescue of Marci

The biggest sensation in the rescue action is that the American Weather Channel also reported the Hungarian firefighters’ incredible work.

Weather Channel: Heartwarming Dog Rescue in Hungary

The owners of Marci told the Hungarian Disaster Management that the Labrador was fine and playing happily again all day long. They also expressed their gratitude towards the rescue team.

Featured image: Youtube 

Source: www.elobolygonk.hu

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