Budapest, January 24 (MTI) – Heavy snow blocked roads in western and southwestern parts of the country on Friday, and there have been several accidents.

Traffic has been restricted on several sections of the M7 motorway and on other roads. Vehicles over 7.5 tonnes have been banned from traffic in many places.

Disaster management staff, the police, the military, as well as civil organisations and volunteers have been put on alert in case people stranded on snow-covered roads need to be rescued.

Road manager Magyar Kozutkezelo warned drivers not to set off in south-west Hungary.

Trucks are prohibited from entering Hungary from Croatia and Slovenia, the Zala county disaster management agency told MTI.

Vehicles exceeding 7.5 tonnes are forbidden from crossing the border until further notice due to heavy snow in the area. The temporary ban affects Letenye border crossing on the M7 motorway, Tornyiszentmiklos on the M70 and Redics on road 86. The whole of Somogy and Tolna counties in the south-west is included in the ban.

The crossing station of Udvar on the Croatian border has been added to the list of border crossings where the ban applies, the Baranya county disaster management agency said.

There have been no restrictions on outgoing truck traffic, the agency said.

Heavy snow has been reported in the west of Hungary since Friday morning and it is forecast to continue snowing over the weekend. In Baranya county in the south, 8cm of snowfall was reported and another 20-25cm is expected to fall in the coming days.

Photo: MTI


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