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Robbie Williams’ great show coming to Budapest

Robbie Williams’ great show coming to Budapest

Gigantic decoration, spectacular visuals and enormous fireworks will provide the stunning experience during the brand new show of British performer Robbie Williams, according to The musical performance titled The Heavy Entertainment Show will come to Budapest on the 23rd of August.

The enormous show premiered in Manchester on 2nd June, and it is coming to Budapest. It is not the first time Robbie Williams comes to Hungary, but this visit of his will be more epic than ever before. 52 lorries and 9 buses ship the gears from one venue to another. The crew carried even the least important tools with themselves to ensure that everything is under control. Two lorries provide the perfectly even electricity for the production to prevent any technical malfunctions. The travelling crew consists of more than 150 people. Besides these, 250 local helpers, 3 cranes, 14 forklifts, 2 trailers and an aerial lift will work on the event in Budapest.

The cloakrooms of the artists are furnished by their own crew, so not even the hosts will know the circumstances of the preparations. The only thing we know is that 160 tables, 250 chairs, 53 office chairs and 9 sofas are needed for the proper workflow. The crew is even operating their own laundry: they carry five large washing-machines and five dryers along with themselves, so they can be sure that the costumes are cleaned under the best circumstances possible.

Fina Aristic

The visuals are also designed with the greatest carefulness. Large display screens shaped as Robbie’s silhouettes will be placed on the two edges of the podium. The background of the stage will be a large LED wall. A 16-meter-long runway will be attached to the stage with a mini-ring at the end.

20-21 songs are expected in the program with covers among them, even though fans mostly relate these to Robbie Williams more often than to the original performers. Among others, his father Pete Conway, who is also a famous comedian, will also participate on the tour: they will perform a song by Neil Diamond together. Of course, some tracks from the new album and the greatest hits cannot be missing, either. Stroboscopes, confetti canons, and different pyro techniques will also be involved in the show.

The huge concert will begin with the performance of British pop band Erasure at 8 pm on 23rd August in Groupama Arena. After that, Robbie Williams will come and conquer the stage for about two hours. Tickets are still available.


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