Budapest, December 3 (MTI) – Antal Rogan, the ruling Fidesz party’s parliamentary group leader, has denied an allegation that he had regularly met Tamas Portik, a notorious criminal who had connections with the secret services during the time of the government of Ferenc Gyurcsany.

“If someone wants to know which way the wind blows in the Portik case, then they should start with former secret services minister Gyorgy Szilvasy and Ferenc Gyurcsany,” Rogan told MTI late on Tuesday.

Rogan was reacting to a court case on the same day in which Portik, who stands accused of ordering an assassination and of a bombing in the 1990s, said Rogan was lying when he claimed that the two did not know each other.

The Fidesz official noted that Portik was a convicted criminal, and a criminal’s word could not be trusted.

“I did not meet regularly with Tamas Portik…” he said, referring to a tape recording of meetings between Portik and Szilvasy, who told the criminal to “discredit leading Fidesz politicians”. Rogan noted that on that recording his own name had been mentioned in this connection.

Photo: MTI – Lajos Soos


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