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Russian President Vladimir Putin visits Budapest next year

Russian President Vladimir Putin visits Budapest next year

In an interview with published on Wednesday Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó confirmed that the current rutine of Hungarian-Russian high level meetings will continue in the future; within this framework a top level Hungarian-Russian summit and official foreign ministerial meeting will be held in Budapest, next year.

According to Russian sources, the Putin-Orbán summit will be held sometime in February.

In the interview, the foreign minister also said: he advised the government to honor outgoing US Ambassador to Hungary Colleen Bell with a high State Award for her tireless work to improve US-Hungarian relations.

We owe a lot to the US ambassador, because when Hungarian-American relations got tense she was always of the opinion that we should tone down the political rhetoric.

If somebody else would have been the US ambassador, then Hungarian-American relations had worsened that could have an impact on both the security and economic co-operation with the US said Szijjártó.

Photo: MTI/EPA/Jurij Kocsetkov


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