Sailing is becoming more widely available for active tourists thanks to the developments of the Economic Development and Innovation Operative Programme (GINOP). The coordinated hiking, cycling, sailing, canoeing, and horseback riding network is developed from EU resources, reports on the April 12 press conference.

The Hungarian Yachting Association (MVSz) has received two and a half billion forints (8 million euros) for the development of the active touristic network as part of the Walkable Hungary Programme.

The development plans include an equipment network as well as a sailing port built in cooperation with the town of Balatonfüred. The majority of the projects begin in October and they are estimated to be finished by the next high season.

13 billion forints (41 million euros) will be devoted to the development of outdoor touristic activities which include hiking, cycling, canoeing, horseback riding, and sailing. The development of the active touristic networks’ infrastructure is carried out in cooperation with sports associations.

Firstly, developments will occur in 13 locations around Lake Balaton and 5 locations outside the Balaton region. Through the linking up of harbours and the development of online informational network, sailing will be available for tourists in 11 counties of Hungary.

525 million forints (1.6 million euros) will be devoted to equipment acquisition and 80 million forints (250 thousand euros) will go to the popularisation of these opportunities.

In Balatonfüred, development plans for a harbour capable of receiving 150 ships are in the works, and for this purpose 1.7 billion forints are available. The new facility on the camping grounds will be capable of hosting international sporting events. The town of Balatonfüred is contributing to the project with 200 million forints and 1.5 hectare of land.


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