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Based on the decision of the government, those who use their scooters on Kossuth Square can be fined, except for children’s scooters. Bicycles remain allowed.

According to hvg, because of the government’s decision, scooters will be banned from December 5th from the vicinity of the parliament. The government’s modification introduces the notion of “simple means of transport,” which are those passenger-carriers that do not count as vehicles and are propelled by manpower, electric or traditional engines. This description covers scooters.

Hvg says that the government would like to modify the Hungarian highway code (KRESZ) because

there are too many electric scooters

commuting on the roads, but they are not in the KRESZ, so nobody knows what rules apply to them. Today, those who ride a scooter should be regarded as simple passengers, but it already happened that police treated electric scooters as if they were mopeds.

Apart from describing the notion of simple means of transport, the government also decided not to allow them to enter protected areas like the vicinity of the parliament.

Of course, there will be some exceptions, for example,

wheelchairs and baby carriages can be used

there even after December 5th. Children will even be able to use scooters, but adults not. However, no rule helps to distinguish scooters for children and scooters for adults. This is important because, based on the government’s decision, adult scooter users can be fined.

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