According to, Aleksandar Vucic was surprised that Hungary would close the 175 km-long Serbian-Hungarian border with a 4m-high fence. He said Serbia won’t follow the Hungarian example, “won’t raise walls and live in Auschwitz”.

He said on the Serbian public television (RTS) on Wednesday he doesn’t think raising walls is the solution.

Most illegal immigrants come from Macedonia (through the EU-member Greece) and from the EU-member Bulgaria to Serbia. Bulgaria raised a 240km-long fence on the Turkish border to keep away illegal immigrants.

The Serbian Prime Minister said he would speak with Viktor Orbán and the European leaders how they want to solve the refugee issue.

According to Vucic, Serbia cannot be blamed for the migrants, because they use the Balkan country only as a transit route. They don’t want to stay in Serbia – he said.

Serbia asked for help from the EU-members to protect its borders. Belgrade thinks the fence only slows down the flood of migrants, but doesn’t mean solution.



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