Some say there is no scientific support, but they still believe in them, and this is why it works. Others swear that these mysterious curing places take shape in the meeting points of the ancient energy lines both in Hungary and all around the world. Whatever the reason is, has made a list of seven of these Hungarian places that are linked to some successful recoveries.

1. Attila-Hill, Tápiószentmárton

According to the legends, the wood palace of the Hun king, Attila once stood here, and it is true that the Scythian gold deer was found in the neighborhood. It is believed that electromagnetic and radioactive fields took shape on the hill, therefore it is possible that we feel some heat or coldness, pins and needles in either part of our body, or even dizziness. The symptoms of our illnesses can strengthen while being here, but these mean some curing reactions and can be stopped by regularly visiting the place. This curing power was first experienced in the case of an ill horse: they have already given up on it, and took it to an enclosure, where it somehow got better and stronger. The world-famous Kincsem was born here and her runway was also here.

2. Ferenczy-Cliff, Pilis

Many believe that the Earth’s heart chakra is located in Rám-Hill, more precisely near the Ferenczy-Cliff, so this is why people visiting this place get usually healed (the Dalai Lama himself did not yet confirm this information). It is true, however, that people who already visited the place have experienced pins and needles in their body, which they assign to the energy of the cliff. They think that the junction of the energy lines ensnaring the planets can be found here, and one important proof of the presence of this positive energy is the rich and vital surroundings of the place.


3. Virgin Mary Pile, Püspökladány

Near the public cemetery of Püspökladány is a pile, where the ruins of a chapel from the 13th century can be found. It was declared a sacred historical memorial a few years ago, because visitors believe that this little building was built on some area connected to radiesthesia, and from the name of the pile they deduce that it was consecrated in honour of one of Virgin Mary’s holidays. Archeologists have found the remains of a cemetery and a village of the Árpád era near the place, which were destroyed by the Tartars back in the days.

Virgin Mary Pile

4. Curing stone heads, Esztergom

Three stone heads can be found in the Erzsébet Park of Víziváros, which is one of the places of pilgrimage in Esztergom. They were originally parts of those 9 huge statues that decorated the basilica (Saint Stephen I of Hungary, Saint Ladislaus I of Hungary, the four Evangelists and three angels), but the statues of Marco Casagrande were made of such bad-quality stones in the 19th century that they were destroyed by the weather soon. Thus, because of the danger of falling down, they were removed from the basilica to the treasury, except for these three heads which were built in the fence of the Primate’s Palace. It is not known when the belief has spread that they have curing power, but there was a time when people stood in long queues in front of them, and candles and flowers can still be found here. Moreover, the precise rules of the treatment were also created.

Stone Heads of Esztergom

5. Hegyestű-Hill, Balaton Uplands

The basalt hill and its surroundings located near Zánka in the Balaton Uplands National Park sign a specially protected area. It is also called the “guard of the Káli basin”. Some 5-6 millions years ago a volcano was working here. However, this place is famous for its untouched purity, silence and peace. If we walk up the hill, a wonderful panorama appears on Lake Balaton and the other hills around. We are supposed to feel total harmony while calmness takes over our body.


6. Ördögszikla, Pilisszentiván

Ördögszikla in the Pilis is also believed to have positive radiation, pain-killer power by being a harmonizing and curing place. It is said to be the most effective in its 3 metres area. Its power comes from the crossing Saint George lines (also called the dragon lines or Ley lines) in the deep.


7. Virgin Mary’s stone, Bükkszentkereszt

The second highest place of Hungary is located a few kilometres from Miskolc. It is believed that Mary went out into the world due to the deep pain she felt after Jesus’ death. When she arrived to this place, she was exhausted and sat down to a stone to rest a bit. This stone preserved the shape of her body. People sitting on this stone are cured of their disease, according to the experiences of the local people. Some people have pins and needles while sitting here, while others find total harmony. According to the surveying of some esoterics, an energy triangle can be found in Bükk. The strongest energies can be measured on the points of this triangle, and one of the points is Virgin Mary’s stone.

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