According to, protected animals’ bones, including shark tooth and baboon skull have been found in three packages by the inspectors of the National Tax and Customs Office (NAV) at the Budapest Liszt Ferenc Inernational Airport.

NAV wrote in its statement sent to MTI that since there were no necessary licenses for the import of the consignments, the finance auditors reported due to suspicion of committing the crime of nature damage. The first shipment arrived from Mozambique, in  which several skulls were found, including a baboon’s as well. The second shipment hid a shark tooth, which was wanted to be sent from China to a Hungarian recipient. In the third package, two peccary skins (similar to wild pigs, located in Central and South America) were found by the auditors.

The preliminary advice of Ministry of Agriculture Department of Biodiversity and Gene Preservation confirmed the suspicion of the guards; according to this, all species of the primates as well as the great white shark are included in the legislations on the international trade of endangered species, so their import to Hungary require licenses. NAV pointed out they found traces of nature damage twelve times at the airport. In several cases dietary supplements and various therapeutic products were found, including living animals and plants as well as fashion items made of animals, like bags, watches and shoes.

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