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The engineers will soon arrive at the Slovakian-Hungarian border to mark the changes precisely, atv reports. 17 hectares (42 acres) of land will be exchanged between the two countries without either losing any of its territories.

The modification is necessary for several reasons. For one, the bed of river Ipoly has changed, and the operation of a sewage farm is going to get easier as well. This beneficial solution can exemplify the good relations between the countries that both prime ministers emphasised earlier this year.

A street to Slovakia

The border has not changed significantly since Trianon. This time the process is accelerated to facilitate the work of the sewage farm at Somoskőújfalu in Nógrád country. There is a pipe here that crosses the border for no other reason than the fact that one street of the village belongs to Slovakia. Now this will join the rest of Somoskőújfalu and become Hungarian territory.

The deputy mayor, Zsolt Márkus has explained that we are talking about a 150 metres long part. “At the moment, this belongs to Slovakia, but it will be rejoined. The new milestones and border stones are now marked with wooden spikes”, he said.

So far the local council was powerless: they could not build roads or start any investments here,

because the territory concerned does not belong to the Hungarian state. Now, this situation is about to get resolved.

The biggest winners are probably those who could only access their grounds through Slovakia. A local recalled that about 40 people had to come home with a detour.

“Armed border guards used to stand here at the end of street, telling people that they cannot use it, it is already Slovakia.

People had to go a street up and make a detour to come home” he detailed.

The village at the border. Photo:

What will change?

The Slovakian-Hungarian border will change in Nógrád and Pest counties. Aside from Somoskőújfalu locals, nobody will really notice the change as this is an inner European Union border without control. In total Hungary will give 177,802 square metres of land to Slovakia and receive the same amount.


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