Treaty of Trianon


State secretary held speech in Slovakia on Hungarian Day of National Cohesion

The govt aims to help Hungarians in the the world and around the Carpathian Basin, the secretary added. ??? #trianon #hungarians #slovakia #hungary #dailynewshungary

Cohesion House opens in Budapest

"It is beyond dispute that Trianon is a shared trauma" ???

Treaty of Trianon: Hungary lost its historic territories 101 years ago

Hungary lost 2/3 of its territory in 17 minutes...??? #trianon #trianon101 #history

National Cohesion Day – Opposition parties commemorate Trianon anniversary

Green LMP said the Day of National Cohesion was a "symbolic bridge" that connected all Hungarians ????

National Cohesion Day – Orbán: Hungarian nation has survived

Hungary is not making efforts to line up to any one large power but "to go our own way" ??

Romania declares Trianon Day a national holiday!

The #Romanian #Parliament voted again in favour of the #Trianon Act ?? #dailynewshungary ??