Treaty of Trianon


81-year-old man phones in a bomb threat on the anniversary of Trianon

An 81-year-old man has threatened to bomb on the anniversary of Trianon. #DailyNewsHungary #Hungary #Trianon

Why do hundreds of thousands of Hungarians go to Csíksomlyó on Pentecost?

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people gather in Csíksomlyó (Şumuleu Ciuc) in Transylvania. But what is the reason for that? #hungary #romania #transylvania #csíksomlyó #pilgrimage #búcsú

Day of National Cohesion: Several programmes will be organised in Hungary and beyond the borders

The motto of this year's Csiksomlyó pilgrimage is "Pax et Bonum"

Clemenceau’s Hungarian daughter-in-law’s infidelity caused Trianon?

Was it really the infidelity of Clemenceau’s Hungarian daughter-in-law that led to the extremely harsh #Trianon sanctions resulting in losing 2/3rd of Hungary's territory? #Hungary #history #Trianon

Slovak Government Spokesperson: Putin and Orbán may divide Slovakia’s borders

Clearly, the Treaty of Trianon left deep scars in the region 🇭🇺🇸🇰 #DailyNewsHungary #Hungary #CzechRepublic #Slovakia

Orbán calls freedom, patriotism main pillars of Hungary

December 14, 1921 - Sopron has since been called Civitas Fidelissima, the Most Faithful City.

100th anniversary today: inhabitants of Sopron voted to remain part of Hungary

The 1921 referendum was the only event that amended the Treaty of #Trianon. 🇭🇺 #Hungary #history #dailynewshungary #dailynewshungary

Trianon memorial inaugurated in Los Angeles marking Day of National Cohesion

The inauguration of a memorial to the Trianon Peace Treaty was held in Los Angeles #SanFernandoValley #HungarianReformedChurch

State secretary held speech in Slovakia on Hungarian Day of National Cohesion

The govt aims to help Hungarians in the the world and around the Carpathian Basin, the secretary added. ??? #trianon #hungarians #slovakia #hungary #dailynewshungary

This is how Hungary commemorated the Treaty of Trianon – Photos

Photo gallery of the commemoration ❤️??

Cohesion House opens in Budapest

"It is beyond dispute that Trianon is a shared trauma" ???

Treaty of Trianon: Hungary lost its historic territories 101 years ago

Hungary lost 2/3 of its territory in 17 minutes...??? #trianon #trianon101 #history

National Cohesion Day – Opposition parties commemorate Trianon anniversary

Green LMP said the Day of National Cohesion was a "symbolic bridge" that connected all Hungarians ????

National Cohesion Day – Orbán: Hungarian nation has survived

Hungary is not making efforts to line up to any one large power but "to go our own way" ??

Why is the Treaty of Trianon so painful for Hungarians? – Watch this video to find out!

Today we commemorate the 101th anniversary of the Treaty of Trianon! ???

Photo exhibition at Parliament to mark National Cohesion Day

It will present 100 photos. #Hungary #Hungarian #dailynewshungary #Trianon #nationalcohesion

Hungarian Parliament to open its doors on Day of National Cohesion

Visitors to Hungarian Parliament will enjoy ? entrance to the building, details:

Romania declares Trianon Day a national holiday!

The #Romanian #Parliament voted again in favour of the #Trianon Act ?? #dailynewshungary ??

Hungarian post office issues stamps commemorating 100th anniversary of Trianon

??? 1920-2020 100th anniversary of the Trianon Peace Treaty

Trianon centenary exhibition opens at Hungarian National Museum

??? ""#Trianon is not merely an unfinished piece of history but also..."