Treaty of Trianon


National Cohesion Day – Orbán: Hungarian nation has survived

Hungary is not making efforts to line up to any one large power but "to go our own way" ??

Romania declares Trianon Day a national holiday!

The #Romanian #Parliament voted again in favour of the #Trianon Act ?? #dailynewshungary ??

Trianon centenary exhibition opens at Hungarian National Museum

??? ""#Trianon is not merely an unfinished piece of history but also..."

Trianon 100 – Official addresses centenary conference

The year has also been declared a year of #solidarity in light of the #coronavirus pandemic ???

Romanian Parliament to declare Trianon Day a national holiday?!

#Trianon #law declares 4th June a national holiday in #Romania #dailynewshungary

Holy Crown of Hungary replica moved to Romania – PHOTOS

Holy Crown of Hungary replica in Transylvania, Romania - PHOTOS