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Speaker of Parliament László Kövér has called the 100th anniversary of the post-WW1 Trianon Peace Treaty an opportunity to assess the achievements of the past hundred years.

In an interview published in the daily Magyar Nemzet on Wednesday, Kövér called the treaty under which two-thirds of Hungary’s territory was ceded to neighbouring countries and large ethnic Hungarian communities found themselves living beyond the country’s border, one of the greatest tragedies of Hungarian history.

Kövér said

the Trianon Treaty signed on June 4th, 1920 had “doomed” Hungary.

Yet the “severed territories”, he added, had made achievements since, both jointly and independently, that “are a source of justified pride”.

Regarding Hungary’s relations with its neighbours, Kövér said the Hungarian nation had “learned much” in the past hundred years. Kövér insisted that Hungarian intellectuals had been “clear-eyed” about the shared fate of the nations in the Carpathian Basin and, in a wider sense, central Europe, years before Trianon.

Hungary wants to turn a new leaf in its approach to its neighbours in the 21st century, Kövér said. It is clear that

“we need not fear each other but rather the forces aiming to wipe out our national identity and sovereignty.”

Regarding territorial autonomy for ethnic minorities in the region, Kövér said western European states had “looked down on central Europe” for centuries. Therefore, they are not prepared to grant Hungarians beyond the borders the rights enjoyed by the Basque minority in Spain, Germans in Belgium or Swedes in Finland, he said.

One-tenth of Europe’s population, some 50 million people, live as part of a minority on their ancestral land, Kövér said. However, their needs took a back seat to the “aggressive and sly campaign to have countless forms of sexual aberration accepted”, or the issue of illegal migrants, “against whom we cannot even voice criticism any more”.

Those “so-called minorities” are “excellent tools for dismantling European culture”, a pre-requisite of “imperial centralism”, Kövér said.

Answering a question on Hungary’s dual citizenship law for ethnic Hungarians across the borders, which the Hungarian parliament passed in 2010, Kövér said

the law had bolstered the “cross-border reunification of the nation”.

Some neighbouring countries’ elites have also accepted the Hungarian decision which aids the reorganisation of “the Carpathian Basin and central Europe as a united economic and cultural region,” he said.

Referring to left-wing Hungarian opposition parties, Kövér said

the “Hungarian left has attacked its own nation repeatedly over the past hundred years”.

Referring to the Bolshevik uprising of 1918-1919, Kövér insisted that the “Trianon borders would have been drawn very differently had the Hungarian left not betrayed its country”.

Regarding Budapest Mayor Gergely Karácsony’s call for a moment’s silence in Budapest at the time of the treaty’s signing, at 4.30 pm on Thursday, Kövér insisted the initiative was “disingenuous”. Kövér said that

some leftist politicians, Karácsony among them, “try to cast themselves as patriots for political gain but then are revealed as leftist liberals”.

Others are “ashamed of their views on the nation”, and a third group are “raving haters of the nation”, he added.

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Source: MTI

  1. Starts off fairly normal then turns into a rambling tirade – pretty shocking that this is the official line, the sooner broad sweeping change of government happens the better.
    But seriously, those calling for nationalistic redrawing of borders – does every European country get to turn back the clock to some former time? Can Germany claim back Prussia? Does the UK take back all of Ireland? Hungary needs to come to terms with its past – bad decisions made before led to this, all they are doing is damaging their relationship with neighboring countries and ruining the reputation of themselves. I can’t imagine what would happen if Germany had flags and maps showing half of Poland, parts of France and Lithuania as part of its territory, Russia showing central Asia was still ‘theirs’ or the Turkish handing out passports to descendants of the ottomans.
    Hungary removed Germans who had been living here for centuries – its fortunate the same was not done to Hungarians outside of present Hungary. The surrounding countries are now functioning independent nations, Hungary has had a century to accept this but doesn’t seem to be able to – its not the only country whose borders have changed yet somehow the same nationalistic rhetoric that contributed to this disaster keeps on going.

  2. Both Sam and Mario must be living in the “Mushroom Kingdom”- and ingesting far too many ‘magic mushrooms’ – if they honestly believe that Hungarians are going to vote out the Fidesz-led Government any time soon.

    Current polls indicate that the opposition parties – which are but parasitic remnants of Communism – will be virtually ‘wiped out’ from Hungary’s Parliament at the next election.

    Good riddance to total rubbish.

    As for Hungary accepting the Trianon Treaty of 1919 and its far-reaching consequences, it is obvious that neither of these individuals understand the Hungarian people. As noted already, they certainly don’t live here !

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