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The Hungarian left-liberal opposition is part of a “globalist network working against the nation”, feeding Western European propagandists with fake news and slander, House Speaker László Kövér said in an interview to the weekly Demokrata.

Regarding Hungarian legislation to contain the novel coronavirus epidemic, foreign objections and criticisms were “one and the same” as the opposition’s, Kövér said in the interview published on Wednesday.

“This opposition is not part of the Hungarian nation but a servant to that world elite,” he said.

Speaking about the fall of communism in Hungary ahead of lawmakers marking the anniversary of the first session of the free parliament on May 2, 1990, Kövér called the change of regime “a great scam, not a revolution”.

However, the historic role of those events and its actors has to be acknowledged, he said. “After all, we did end foreign military occupation and an oppressive dictatorship in 1990.”

He said Hungary had also regained its national sovereignty “to the extent that it was possible at the end of the 20th century”. He added that Hungary had since been exercising sovereignty in cooperation with European Union institutions.

Kövér called the ruling Fidesz party‘s 2010 election win and continuous term in office since “a milestone”.

At that time, “the mistakes and sins of the left-liberal governments that served foreign interests nearly cost us all our financial resources”, he said.

Kövér said “voices” that attacked Hungary did so not because they were misinformed but because “they have been assigned to do so”. International media outlets, he added, had also been “painting Hungary as the enemy” in a concerted effort to divert attention from “the fact that the country’s patriotic politics may appear to be too attractive to the citizens of other countries”.

The speaker said Hungary’s law provided the highest level of democratic guarantees by giving parliament the right to authorise the cabinet to take special measures during the state of emergency. The government will not have these special powers any longer than necessary, he added.

Kövér compared international pressure on the Hungarian government to the situation of the Third Reich in the last years of the second world war, “when everybody knew that it was a lost war but they were still unable to stop the madness” and prevent severe losses.

“It is as if the globalist command sitting in a Brussels bunker has lost faith in victory,” he added.

Commenting on the billionaire George Soros, he said Soros was playing a role given to him by an invisible power, a “deep state” present in the world.

In response to a question about the post-corona world, he said the “arrogant self-assurance” that had overcome the world may well disappear for a while but only temporarily.

“I would not dare to make a large bet on common sense getting the upper hand in shaping the course of the world,” he said.

The interests that maintain the current way of doing things in the world are too strong for that, he added.

However, he said that during crisis management, valuable experiences could be gained for the purpose of strengthening international communities and their institutions, and “these will improve our chances for combating future challenges”.

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Source: MTI

  1. if you lived in London,
    where white English christians , are the ethnic minority ,
    you would believe ,it ,
    you try living there ,and see how funny you think it is ,
    that is if you survive the bat flu ,

  2. I cannot believe that the person who gave such an interview is the same person who chairs the assembly where representatives of all citizens, majority and opposition, and not only the majority, should sit with equal rights and exercise legislative power according to democratic rules.
    Only in Hungary….

  3. @ Denisfry
    Utter utter rubbish. You are just spouting inflammatory rhetoric chap. What does a colour of a person’s skin matter or what God they worship matter. You are just falling in line with the far right narrative that Orban likes to now push. It’s bollocks.

  4. Oh my, I just hope the world does not see us Hungarians like this clearly insane politician AND OUR TOTALLY INSANE GOVERNMENT. We have dictatorship here RIGHT now and the government is plain corrupt and incompatible… Please send help… I’m serious. This government must be judged by something, I don’t know anymore if its the EU or anything, but they are brainwashing peopple here seriously… Meanwhile there is racism, homophobia, people losing their jobs and no help but hatred campaigns…. Help..

  5. I live in Budapest and understand very well what is happening: the more autocracies tighten their grip on power, the more paranoid they become.

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