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The Chamber of Deputies, which is the lower house of the Romanian parliament, accepted yesterday a bill that made June 4, the anniversary of the Peace Treaty of Trianon, a national holiday in Romania. The treaty separated 2/3rd of the former Hungarian territories and made more than 3 million Hungarians into citizens of hostile neighbouring countries. Their language, education and cultural rights are still not respected, and their economic development is hindered by all means possible.  

According to, the law encourages everybody to hold commemorations and all local and state authorities have to help the organisers with financial and logistical support in doing so. Furthermore, public media has to report about such cultural, educational and academic events and

the flag of Romania has to be put out everywhere in the country.

In the case of the bill, it was the Chamber of Deputies that made the decision (not the Senate yet). Only the 21 Hungarian members of the parliament (from UDMR-RMDSZ) voted against it while there were 25 abstentions from the USR – Save Romania Union. Thus, it requires only the signature of the president. The two managers of the bill were Titus Corlățean, former minister for foreign affairs (currently Social Democratic senator) and Șerban Nicolae, the leader of the Social Democrat parliamentary group in the Senate.

Mr Corlățean said that their bill is not against any of the minorities. However, the treaty meant the international acceptance of the new borders of Greater-Romania, so it is worth to celebrate. Daniel Gheorghe from the national liberal party (PNL) said that Hungarian

PM Viktor Orbán should change maps in his office

and accept that all attempts to reestablish the ante-Trianon borders are “outdated, unfair and ridiculous.

Hungary map Trianon
This is the globe with which PM Viktor Orbán wished good luck to students taking the History school-leaving exam. Romanian politicians were outraged because Hungary is shown with its former borders on it.

According to Hunor Kelemen, President of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ), the law is good for nothing, and it is only part of the contest of anti-Hungarianism Klaus Iohannis, President of Romania, started three weeks ago, when he attacked the Hungarian community. He added that if a nation is strong and self-confident, it does not need to create situations in which minorities have to feel humiliated. 

He cleared that what happened almost 100 years ago is a huge delight for the Romanians but a significant loss for all Hungarians, so they cannot celebrate it like them, no matter what laws they make. Mr Kelemen highlighted that

Hungarians living everywhere in the world are part of the Hungarian nation, but their national solidarity and feeling of responsibility are not directed against anybody.

He added that all Hungarians living in Romania accepted that Romania is their home and they want to build a future for themselves and their children there. But how they feel depends on the majority, on the Romanians. 


  1. As ancient Romans used to say: mors tua vita mea.
    Doesn’t Israel celebrate its national day ( 1948 UN-backed annexation of Arab territories of Palestine ) every year in spite of the fact that it is a day of mourning and sorrow for its numerous Arab ( second-class ) citizens? And doesn’t the Hungarian Gov’t aggressively react to every foreign criticism by saying that its bills are stamped by the democratically elect Parliament of a sovereign nation? Well, that is precisely the case of Romania’s decision on June 4.
    It is not a friendly gesture to Hungary, and it surely lacks sensitive approach in the 100 yr anniversary of the Versailles treaty, but Romanian Parliament too is the democratically elect body of a sovereign nation.
    Surely, this decision will not make Hu-Ro relations better, but pictures of the map of the once upon a time in Habsburg Mitteleuropa ” greater Hungary ” recently posted by members of the Hu Gov’t did not help either.
    The two countries should put distant past aside and work on improvement of relations and future co-operation wthin the European Union. Revanscism and mutual distrust always lead to nowhere.

  2. Totally agree with Mario’s observations!
    Still two questions:
    1.”made more than 3 million Hungarians into citizens of hostile neighbouring countries.” Are you sure?
    Who was hostile? Neighbours countries or Hungary?
    2.”Their language, education and cultural rights are still not respected, and their economic development is hindered by all means possible. ” THIS IS A BIG LIE! at least for Romania! Did you check the facts?

  3. u r right cristian, transilvania is not and never was a part of hungary…it was taken from us by force

  4. On one hand, the author of the article affirmed ,referring the Hungarian minority that:
    ”Their language, education and cultural orights are still not respected, and their economic development is hindered by all means possible. ”
    On the other he is mentioning that
    the 21 Hungarian members of the parliament (from UDMR-RMDSZ) voted against the bill.
    So 21 Hungarians members of the Parliament, which don’t looks as a discrimination. Isn’t it ?!
    In the final:
    Romanian president, Mr. Klaus Werner Iohannis is a member of the German minority , and for sure he doesn’t feel humiliated being President.
    No more comments.

    Read more at:
    Read more at:

  5. The majority of the Hungarians living in Romania learn to speak Romanian only in high-school or later and that proves that they have their own schools and that their language an culture are respected. I had a cokeague a few yesrs ago in an IT company that didn’t speak Romanian at all. We communicated with him in English.
    As for the celebration of the Peace Treaty of Trianon… Should we cry because the war ended then?… That a lot of oppressed nations finally get their land back from the invaders coming a few hundred of years ago from other parts of the world? Maybe we should mourrn the retreat of the Mongols from Europe?

  6. Nothing else but re-made history under the big order of Soros. In short…. got the money – have everything. Don’t forget that Soros pumped lots of money for university courses where history is teached after some “rules”, despite the facts that might prove the truth… Archeological facts are destroyed little by little, same for other ancient proves of the old people that inhabited on these territories…
    For those who can’t (or won’t) search the real facts of the true history, it’s easy to believe any lie that Transylvania was a hungarian territory since the beginning…. It’s a pity, but we’re too insignifiant to count compare to the propaganda people who spread the lies everywhere…

  7. You need to go way back in the history, Transilvania was Dacian region, Romanians are dacians descendents. Transilvanian people suffered alot under Hungarians rules, and now you say Romanians did this and that. You have the right to think what you want, but is hard when someone stills from you. Not Romania case, we didn’t stole anyone territory, our neighbours yes instead. For us Romanians great victory to get back what is ours. Remember we still have more land to get back. Slowly,slowly but surely if God wants will get there. All the best!!

  8. Omg, so much propaganda, world war 2 grade propaganda. If you really are news outlet please do your homework.

  9. Klaus Iohannis attacked the Hungarian community? What?! He attcked PSD for secretly trying to allow autonomy for the Szeklerland. First of all, Szeklerland had autonomy in the past and didn’t managed it well. Second, the hungarians in Szeklerland are racists and xenophobes. Uncountable cases of hungarians at stores who don’t want to sell things to romanians, ignoring the fact that they are born, grown up and live in Romania. And let’s not forget that case when 2 asians came in Romania to work at a bakery, and our dear hungarians offended them in every possible way and drove them away, making a bad impression on the foreign press about Romania. What I mean is that the government has nothing to do with them, and if it is to make decisions that disadvantage them, it is because of their vile behavior.

  10. Let me tell you, that in general romanians and hungarians from Transylvania are FRIENDS! Hungarians have the right to speak in they’re language in Ro. They have nurcery, schools, high-schools in hungarian, tv programs, monuments, etc. In some regions they don’t even know how to speak romanian, (THAT IS THE NATIONAL LANGUANGE FOR RO AND SHOULD BE MANDATORI) and because of that, just getting a simple job in a shop as sales assistant, is almost impossible for a ROMANIAN citizen because he needs to know how to communicate in hungarian. I am from Transylvania and i know what i am saying.So, who is discriminating who, here? My point is, if you CHOSE to live, work in any country, you NEED TO SPEAK AT LEAST A BIT, THAT LANGUAGE. I am a romanian and live in Uk and have learned english, same when i was in Germany learned german (even if i don’t like the language) same in Italy,.. hope you get my point. Let me tell you another FACT, we accept the hungarians in Ro, as our friends, relatives, neighbours, but HUNGARIANS FROM HUNGARY don’t accept the hungarians from Romania, as they are not “pure”. Just something for you to research! YOU ARE TELLING ONLY LIES!!!

  11. The saddest day in Hungary? And why would that be?
    Romanians have always been the majority population in Transylvania (see links below). Why would Romanians and their territory joining the mother land be a sad day for Hungary? Why doesn’t Transylvania want to be part of Hungary now, because they already are home?
    On an entirely different node, seeing that Romanians are the majority in Transylvania, then why not simply send home the minority Hungarian population in 1918, as has happened to Germany.
    There are 2 solutions to this: (a) stop the propaganda and let the ppl live in peace; (b) take the minority back.

  12. The hungarians livingnin romania havenmore rights than any other minority in the world and i will include the gipsy too here.. The proble with them is that they had enough of wellbeing and now they seek regional autonomy in the hearth of Romania. The hungarian Party UDMR tried to pass a law wich grant this autonomy now when romania was in emergency , they keep try….

  13. After reading your comments, I realized that this article has achieved its purpose. Calm down, it was written to provoke fools, haven’t you seen the title? By the way, I don’t think an official language should be mandatory, this would lead to the damage of democracy, “a romanian settled in the UK” should know better. Big words, MANDATORY, NEED, FACT… Soros? :))))))

  14. Howdy Daily News Hungary!
    There are many great points made in the previous comments and I find them very mild and polite as they are directed to the venom in your stream of lies in this article.
    And obviously this is by no means the first and, sadly enough, certainly not the last.
    I am sure the homework for the article was wery well and studiously undertaken, just to be sure that desinformation and lies are served in the best Hungarian tradition for distorting the history of Transylvania to the Hungary’s advantage and, in the process, insulting first the truth and then the bravery and the resilience of the Romanians from Transylvania.
    Hungarians without rights in Romania?!
    Yes, certainly, and they are also given the most difficult jobs!!!
    Like being Prime Minister!
    I guess it must be much harder than being am MP in Romanian Parliament and for very good reason Prime Minister ORBAN(of Hungary) warmly congratulated Prime Minister ORBAN(of Romania).
    But not only PMs and MPs have a hard life in Romania!
    By no means my Friends, Hungarians and Romanians alike. Keep reading, just a few more details below.
    I did my university in Cluj-Napoca(Kolojvar, just to make sure everyone understands).
    University Babes-Bolyai had and still has several faculties with Romanian and Hungarian speaking sections. Amongst other languages, that’s it.
    And some very hard working Hungarian candidates undertake the entrance exam TWICE.
    Twice as much work mate.
    Once for the Hungarian section of the Faculty.
    And once for the Romanian section of the Faculty of their choice. But obviously only the ones who somehow managed to learn Romanian in the previous 18 years of their lives.
    Not mean feat, as they were attending the Hungarian speaking school, from kindergarten to A-levels.
    HARD LIFE…. Passing the entrance exam twice, obviously rather conveniently set on different dates. Mostly because of the shortage of supervisers. Nice.
    And although not always easy, finding such a Hungarian was a boon!
    Because as someone said, speaking in Romanian with some of them was a pain in the backside, so we we speaking in English. Good practice.
    Not the best, as there is a British Council Library in Cluj, but free. Of course, history and social conversation subjects were dutifully avoided.
    And little bonus, Hungarian girls are pretty.
    However, I found the Mixed Romanian-Hungarian ones were trully amazing, the prettiest. Still, they were not perfect… They always are at least 51% Hungarian and maximum 49% Romanian. I suppose because they enjoyed being prosecuted and having no rights… Very sad.
    But I am loosing focus here.
    I will just say that the massacre, a genocide on a small scale that is, in Ip was not the only one.
    Treznea was another one.
    On both occasions Romanian people only, on both cases with their Christian Orthodox priests, were executed by Hungarian non-military individuals. Because I cannot call them people.
    The reason?! They refused to become Catholics, which made it possible to officially be Hungarians in censuses.
    And there are scores of Horvath throughout Transylvania, with only a minute proportion of them having any hungarian ancestry.
    An apology was made publicly by the Hungarian representative at a UNESCO summit after irrefutable evidence brought by Romanian historians and officials.
    Last point.
    European Law says village and town names have to be displayed in the official and the minoritys’ languages if any ethnic minority constitute more than 10% of the population.
    Driving through Europe there are many border regions where a place’s name is displayed in two or even more languages.
    No village or town name displayed iin Romanian near Romanian-Hungarian border in Hungary, quite a few in Romania though. And some far from the border.
    Well, enough for now.

  15. In what UNIVERS are 3 million hungaryans in Transilvanya!?
    More than 1.4 million they aren’t

  16. Jfk, you got it wrong. The article’s ” 3 millions ” refers to the year 1920 and to the number of Hungarians that lived in all those regions, not only Transilvania, that Hungary lost following its defeat in WW1.

  17. According to history, Transilvania only belonged to the hungarians for a few months until they were forced to give it back. In those few months a full blown massacre happened there and all Romanians were tortured and killed just for being Romanian.
    Now, if you go to the few counties where most of the people consider themselves hungarians, not Romanians, if you speak Romanian in a shop you have high chances to not be served. Although they have all the same rights as any other Romanians, they complain constantly of being oppressed. They can go anywhere in the country and be treated the same as anyone else. If anyone else goes to those counties, they are considered outsiders and they are ostracized in most places.
    If you want to know what else they do: on Hungary’s national day they publicly burn Romanian flags in town squares which according to the law is an act of treason and the lightest punishment is expulsion from the country, yet they are left alone.
    Everything that I wrote can be easily checked. If you consider yourself impartial, do you still believe the crap written in this article?
    And if you are a sub-developed human being and want to judge what I said, you should know that I am part hungarian and still say those people are nothing but scum.

  18. “The treaty separated 2/3rd of the former Hungarian territories and made more than 3 million Hungarians into citizens of hostile neighboring countries”.
    Gentlemen you are wrong. Romania did not take Hungarian territories , Romania took territories from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. There is a difference. In 1918 Hungary did not officially exist.

  19. Some of you guys with long coment seemingly have a lot of time on your hands. Better grab a nice Hungaryan girl and forget about mega politics.
    Anyways, the west gave you Transylvania. Sure they are the ones that could take it away from you as easy too.
    Little people unite and resist conquer and divide!

  20. The real problem is that I don’t see loads of hungarians commenting on this. Those of you who moan about Transylvania having been yours, let’s stop and think that if the the dacians were there a very long time ago as you say so many nations went over their lands that no woman stood a virgin by the end of it! This happened with many populations of the world, they mixed, they blended, they lost. The fact that a country, or land where the people speak and write in their own language, have their own beliefs, and a strong feeling for what they are can not be taken away from them. I have seen and felt the impact several times and we always came to the same conclusion: a romanian and a hungarian should never speak about history next to each other, especially if they are friends. You all can say what you want, but I am a hungarian and I live in Transylvania, I have romanian friends, great ones and I love them but, I love Transylvania and not Romania.

  21. I can understand that, some people can develop a fetish and they can develop an obsession for certain parts of a whole body … however, this does not change reality. Transylvania is part of Romania .

  22. Just to add to what I wrote before, I believe that the past should not be argued, only discussed. Yes, the reality does not change, Transylvania is part of Romania, but like in England the Scottish are what they are, so are we. I replied to the comments not to the actual article and as I don’t like some opinions you also have the right to not like mine.

  23. The saddest part of this article is none of the above.
    It is the DESTRUCTION AND LOSS of the most complete and beautiful ECOSYSTEM IN EUROPE UNDER ONE MANAGEMENT! “THE CARPATHIAN BASIN”. It was here before mankind so it takes precedence over cultures. It happens to be the boundary of Hungary by design. .The watershed, the land, the climate, the flora and fauna are all interdependent. Mankind should respect this above any cultural differences. The biggest problem has been the many different languages. It todays world this no longer applies because we have a world language ENGLISH and GOOGLE and communicate with each other and still respect and enjoy each others cultures. Designing roads, railroads, water uses and so on would be so much easier and environmentally friendly. So lets put GREEN first and make this a better world

  24. I notice that these “greater Hungary” maps include Zagreb – the capital of Croatia – so actually calling for the breakup of Croatia. Not realistic and bordering fascism.

  25. Ionut wrote: “transilvania is not and never was a part of hungary…it was taken from us by force.”
    Taken by force WHEN? Which battle do you refer to? Romania was created in 1864. Show us an earlier map showing “Romania”. Erdely was part of Hungary since 895, you can see it on every old European maps.

  26. Sorin wrote: “You need to go way back in the history, Transilvania was Dacian region”
    Romanians sure don’t speak Dacian. Actually the Szekelys are descendants of Dacians.
    The name “Romanian” is originated from the Gypsy “Roma”.

  27. raul wrote: “hungarians in Szeklerland are racists and xenophobes”
    The romanians in Erdely are the real anti-magyar xenophobes. RACISTS??? romanian is NOT a race. Is it?

  28. Erdely (Transylvania) was promised and given by the Entente to Romania as a payment for invading Hungary in WW1. No, you cannot pay for services by taking other peoples property. It is illegal. Trianon is illegal.
    Romanians must give back all properties taken or pay for every square meter.

  29. Turning to Communism in 1919 did not help the cause of Hungary. Entering WWII on the side of Nazi Germany did not help either. Entering WWII militarily unprepared was another disaster. Sticking with Nazi Germany when everyone knew that they were going to lose was another bad decision. Hungary has a history of very bad decisions and this is the result. Those who want to reestablish a Greater Hungary should realize that if that country was reconstructed Hungarians would only be about 20% of the total population and if it was a democratic country their fate would be decided by non Hungarians. If Hungary is to survive, and there are serious questions about that, instead of thinking about the past it needs to think about the future. Starting with national defense. Its current military of 30,000 men is a joke. 12 modern combat aircraft. 44 modern tanks. Completely incapable of ever defending the Country.

  30. Transylvania is and was Hungarian. Romania never held it or conquered it nor defended it, but was “gifted” it. The Hungarian, Szekely and Csango minority should not have their rights stomped upon. Transylvania should be independent and self ruled and have its own self determination.

  31. Hey Kermit, you have as about as much brains as a frog. You’re right that romania didn’t take territory. It was given “swindled” territory (a benefactor state) of the victorious Entente and the Trianon diktat. In case you didn’t know….The kingdom of Hungary along with Transylvania had existed for over 1000 yrs. so implying that Hungary acquired Transylvania through the Austro/Hungarian Empire is a fabricated lie, a very bad one at that. Any one who knows anything about the history of the region knows that Transylvania was an integral part of Hungary or an independent Hungarian principality centuries before the Habsburg Empire or the creation of a Romanian state. Romanian claims of democratic principles and the rights of self determination in the acquisition of Transylvania is a joke. The vote at Gyulafehervar was a pretext. The Hungarian vote and plebiscites for Transylvania to remain with Hungary we’re denied
    The decision to give Transylvania to romania by the entente was determined through the secret treaty of Bucharest Yrs before the end of WW1.
    Romania’s 100 yr occupation is despicable. There won’t be another 100.

  32. Transylvania – HUNGARIAN MADE census 1869, first ever made
    59% – romanians
    24% – hungarians (including jews)
    Transylvania – HUNGARIAN MADE census 1910
    53% – romanians
    31% – hungarians (including 5% jews)

    Why should MAJORITY ROMANIAN lands belong to Hungary ? And if so, shouldn’t Hungary belong to Austria like it did for 300 years ?

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