Fully 94 percent of Hungarians believe the WWI Trianon Peace Treaty was “unjust and excessive”, according to a representative survey conducted by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA).

The nationwide survey aimed to gauge the Hungarian population’s knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the treaty under which two-thirds of Hungary’s territory was ceded to neighbouring countries and large ethnic Hungarian communities found themselves living beyond Hungary’s border.

Three-quarters of the survey’s respondents said they were curious to learn more about the historical developments surrounding the treaty, MTA said in a statement. About one-fifth of them said they had relatives who live in areas that were lost to neighbouring countries under the treaty.

A total of 43 percent of respondents knew the treaty was signed in 1920 and only 30 percent knew the correct date (June 4).

Altogether 10 percent could not specify the size of the area lost by Hungary after the war, with 54 percent underestimating and 5 percent overestimating the actual size. Fully 31 percent gave a close estimate.

Overall, 70-78 percent named the geopolitical aspirations of the major global powers, neighbouring countries’ aspirations for expansion and Hungary being on the losing side in the first world war as the main reasons for the treaty being drafted the way it was.

Altogether 85 percent said the treaty was the “biggest ever tragedy” in Hungary’s history and roughly the same amount agreed with the statement that “Hungarians are those for whom Trianon is painful”.

Of the territories lost by Hungary, most respondents have visited the areas ceded to Slovakia but a slight majority of them have also been to Transylvania. Just over one-third of them have visited Serbia’s Vojvodina region and only one-fifth of respondents have been to western Ukraine’s Transcarpathia region. Fully 27 percent have never visited any of the territories lost under the treaty.

MTA carried out the survey in collaboration with research and analyst firm Soreco Research with a sample of 1,048 people.

Source: MTI

  1. Dear North neighbors, believe me, we in Serbia understand. (Kosovo was stolen from us by NATO and US), if you kept Slavonia, we would not have so much issues with Pro-Nazi Croatia. We know that, and you would not be so severely damaged. Thru history we were friends and enemies, but more often friends. You will rise again – and you will have the support of Serbia. (btw my family was fighting against your nobility from the 16 until the 18th century).

  2. 85% of Romanians in Transilvania know that under Hungarian rule they were slaves. Zero rights, not even the the right to exist.
    This is the dilemma of any occupant. You are nice with natives, they will take over one day. You are mean , they will find an opportunity ( WWI was a great one), and they will take over, one day.
    Should maghyars been a Christian for real they would have disseminated love in the region for the 800 years they controlled it and maybe today Transilvania would have been a separate country, like Austria and Germany.
    But Romanians never forgot the cruelty, the inhumanity, which lasted 800 years. For a small tribe from Altaï, Maghyars did ok. They integrated, by force, the occupied populations. Well, the CODE does not change easily.
    As HUNGARY goes belicose every day, good friend with Russia, foments dissent in Eastern Europe, good with China, we do not know if another WWIII. Then everything will be set, either Hun-Garians will disappear or the others will be slaughtered to the last. Time will tell.

  3. As a Hungarian, I am pretty sure that this survey is not accurate. Fully 94 percent
    “Fully 94 percent of Hungarians believe the WWI Trianon Peace Treaty was “unjust and excessive””
    We don’t know what were the other options, if there were any! Come on, anyone can write a survey to meet his/her opinion! ….
    Thinking of all the people I have met living in Hungary for 30+ years (as a Hungarian) I can say only 5-10% felt like this. Of course, I probably surrounded myself with people I think are close to my own values, but even if I think about high school and university classmates, which is quite a random selection, it is still less than 20%.
    So, I am pretty sure this was a “order-made to deliver a desired result” survey. The fact that the MTA is involved just means that smart people did the survey, it does not prove that they are unbiased.
    (look at the organ donor question in two countries where the values were the same, the question was different and thus the result was also opposite)

  4. Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia- Hertzegovina, Muntenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech REPUBLIC, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Germany, Italy- are all national entities younger than 150 years. Still Hungarians of today dismiss whatever younger than 1000 years.
    We all, Germans, French, Hungarians, Romanians learned from Italians who learned from Greeks, who learned from Egyptians. So, easy with ” culture”! Yes to spiritualities, see Sarmisegetuza Regia at 400B.C., and a million other Dacian artifacts, but not culture; writing, books, schools, universities, maçonery, religions. We are all indebted to Ancient Jews, Greeks and Romans. See the Transalpina road build by Romans at 120A.D., temples and amphiteatrums in Dâmbovița, Drobeta, Napoca, Porolissum, and hundred other places in today’s ROMANIA.
    Trianon existed because Maghyars in Transilvania were not integrated by the real owners of the land.
    Feeding on dried blood while able with swords & bows, they, Maghyars never realized the Power of Love. ” Love thy neighbor as thyself..” says Christian Religion. Maybe Maghyars really hate themselves down below.

    Well, tens of tribes erupted from Vagina Mundi in Altaï, we managed to assimilate all, including the Huns, even the Golden Hoarde (the Mongols), except one tribe; the Maghyars. And all the sky got loose on us because of this.
    But God forgave for this inability and created Trianon to free us from the yoke.
    Be cool, be nice, be loving, be DEMOCRATIC. Can you? Seeing this Orbàn and his look I really do not think so. He acts like former moustachou. Ntz, ntz, ntz! Pas bon mes amis.

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