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Every person and every nation has sensitive topics they would rather not talk about. Here are the ones you should not mention to Hungarians.


As the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Trianon approaches, it comes up more and more in conversations. And even a century later, it is still a touchy subject for Hungarians; many are still upset about the territories which were separated from the country, as well as about the people. It may be best not to bring this up in a casual conversation, unless you want to hear about conspiracy theories regarding the treaty, or how the territories should be reattached.

If you want to know more about how Hungarians feel about the Treaty of Trianon on its 100th anniversary, click HERE

Hungary Trianon map
Wikimedia Commons – HunTomy~huwiki

Budapest vs Bukarest

It is not so hard not to confuse the two. Surely, Slovenians and Slovaks, or Uruguay and Paraguay, are also upset if their countries are confused for one another. But I have seen people confuse Austria and Australia as well.

Are Hungarians Slavs?

Are Hungarians just “hungarianalised” Slavs? There are sayings both in Hungarian and Polish about the Polish-Hungarian friendship. But, in fact, they are referring to their actual friends, the Slovaks, as Hungarian and Polish people could not really communicate due to language barriers. Bottom line is, Hungarians and Slovaks come from two different countries – which happen to be next to each other – and speak two different languages.

Hungry-Hungary puns

I can promise you that all Hungarians have heard a few dozen jokes about having to be hungry if you are from Hungary. They were not funny the first time and they are not funny the 106th time either. Please come up with something else.


Source: Daily News Hungary

  1. The culture of Political Correctness was invented by the Left for the sole advantage of the Left.

    When I was young we always refused to accept the establishment view without a full debate. Sadly, many young people now shy away from speaking their mind or discussing topics the Left deems “bad”
    As a non Hungarian I am very interested to discuss Trianon, just as I am to discuss 1848 and 1956.
    The Left want to stop discussion of history. Do not let them

  2. Bruce – your comments find me in a position that I concur totally.
    Rooted deep in Hungarian society, there still is severe scaring from the tragedy, that eventuated, not just for Hungary, but Europe, from the Treaty of Trianon.
    The signing in 1920, of this treaty, it’s historical impact at that time, what it inflicted upon Hungary, was devastating.
    The after effects, instantaneous to a degree, that was witnessed in Europe, was the fueling and feed, that was festering in Europe, prior to the outbreak of the Great War – 1914 – 1918 – First World War, to a growing Leftist style or position of the Governments of Countries that where of influence in Europe, in this time of History.
    The Treaty of Trianon – signed 1920, we know from History, a century on, it’s tragedy and over-sights, that was one dimensional.
    They may have at the time, called them-selves allies, there forcing, without a right of question’s – defence nor objection, and that Hungary sign the Treaty of Trianon, without recourse.
    The European years in History, from 1920 to 1989 – History is there for ALL to read and study, through the infamous Second World War years 1939-1945, and on through to 1989, the fueling of leftist forms of Governments, momentum gained from the Treaty of Trianon, the winners where – those driven by a belief that leftist style based forms of Government, where the way of the Future.
    This false sense of belief, finally, after the pain and suffering endured by millions throughout vast numbers of European Countries, born out of the Treaty of Trianon, proved unequivocally, a Human Catastrophic Disaster.
    Maturity of Age freely provides Humans with Wisdom.
    History, provides for Humans, the insight of events, that bought around situations, that left significant impact or ramifications, that leave lasting factorial evidence, on Country’s or on the Greater World Stage.
    The global challenge to the World, through this novel coronavirus pandemic, not forgetting, there is still NO vaccine for human immunization, there needs to be un-divided attention paid to History.
    Europe again faces a critical and testing time in it’s History which same is said for The United Kingdom.
    Winston Spencer Churchill – did say :
    ” the farther backward you can look,
    the farther forward you can see.”
    Will we LEARN from History ?
    If we dismiss History, the immediate time ahead, will be distorted, veiled and shrouded – that will be perilous in it’s direction and course set upon by Europe – the EU member countries and the United Kingdom.
    This will not be helped by the SHAMBLES of the United States of America under it’s 45th appointed President – the infamous Donald. J. Trump, who will be discarded this coming November 2020, leaving America, imploding within, unemployment at 450,000 and the economy, in absolute turmoil, and deaths from this novel coronavirus pandemic exceeding 200,000 citizens of America, and on-going demonstrations and civil objections and unrest, adding to the over-all state that America, heading, into an abyss direction.
    Trepidation – sadly is my theme at present, but hopefully Wisdom & History may get a look in or consideration as we embark on the uncertain future world stage/chapter of its – History.
    Stay Well – ALL.

  3. I live in the USA. I am hungarian in my mothers side. My maternal grandparents are from transylvania,
    They immigrated just before ww1. The horrors that my grandparents families went through after 1820 are unbelievable and horrifying,
    If there could be any way to put Hungary back together and make it whole again, I hope it can be done
    Pat in Arizona,USA

  4. Gary.JABooth-Hansen,
    Sorry Sir !
    This topic speaks about TRIANON, and hungarian people. There isn’t any relation between President Trump, Covid-19, BLM , and this shame fof winners.

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