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The Hungarian Research Institute organised a conference as a way to remember the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Trianon being signed. The presentations touched upon what Trianon means to Hungarians today, as well as what the peace after the World War ended meant regarding Central Europe and Hungary.

The purpose of the conference was to thoroughly present what Trianon meant for the Hungarian society. Not only how the borders and the population were affected, but also the impact the treaty had on culture, religion and military potential, reported InfoStart.

Gábor Horváth-Lugossy, the Director-General of the Hungarian Research Institute said that the Treaty still means a huge loss to the Hungarians in 2020. Trianon is “one of the black days, or a centuries rather, of Hungarian history.

The word loss comes to my mind immediately, or maybe tragedy, which came as a shock to our grandparents, great-grandparents back then. To someone today it may mean what remains, belonging, and a sense of survival, a sort of fight,” Horváth-Lugossy says. He thinks very few could survive the kind of wound that the Kingdom of Hungary and Hungarians sustained that day 100 years ago.

According to the Director-General, the events could have gone differently; it could have been done in a way, which would not have seen Hungary lose such a massive portion of people and territory.

One of the ways would have been for the Viennese court to let the Kingdom of Hungary catch up to itself by natural population growth instead of bringing many different nationalities into the country in the 18th century after the Turkish-Ottoman rule had ended.

“Hungary would have caught up to itself, these colonisations, different nationalities, only gave the disannexing parties an explanation, a right, something to grab onto, to say that really, they are not separating Hungary, they are only taking back their own part from the Kingdom of Hungary,” Horváth-Lugossy explained.

He added, that had the Austrian Hungarian Monarchy stopped staying together sooner, maybe Hungary would not have even been involved in the World War, or at least not the way it was.

csongrád-csanád county hungary
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  1. The biggest TRAGEDY is not as much the loss of our people, because we still survived, but the loss of our most perfect ecosystem, the watershed of THE CARPATHIAN BASIN bordered by the Carpathian mountains and designed by the foresight of Hungarians as a most perfect ecosystem. Efficiently
    and Environmentally managed by one country to sustain and live in harmony with the land, water, flora and fauna. RESPECTING the land. The weakness of Hungarians is that they are gullible and trusting – it’s in their Culture – and unfortunately they get slapped for that. Fortunately, the biggest barrier, language, between cultures is slowly disappearing with English as the most common denominator and translating technology. Maybe someday we will see a “CARPATHIAN BASIN NATION” of CARPATHIANS with many tongues and cultures.

  2. To add to the above comment. We should in memory of the 100th year of Trianon post green flags symbolizing the CARPATHIAN BASIN NATION and insert in the middle a picture of the Danube sturgeon – a perfect design that has barely changed through time. The new nation of Carpathians will turn the waters of the Danube blue again.
    Picture of Sturgeon, page IX, Freedom, Love, Gold book

  3. The last paragraph is almost correct. The fact is is that the Austro Habsburgs, egged on by Hungary, started the conflict with Serbia, leading to WW1. Whether the punishment was excessive is open to debate. Either way, most Hungarians of Hungary as it is today, do not consider Hungarians of the the outlands of what used to be Hungary, as Hungarians. There is is a double standard going on here in this issue.

  4. Everyone knows it was Soros who chaired Trianon a century ago. Conspiracy! Conspiracy!

  5. @Mario
    You are so naughty. But so correct. It’s always someone else’s fault, always. In Hungarian politics. Never their fault. Hmmm.

  6. My grandad from Kispest was made to be a soldier in both WW1 and WW2. Luckily he survived. So, what he told me has remained in my mind. To me, that is the hard truth, not propaganda doing make believe like some people do after the event.

  7. Dear Paulus, that is the prayer of all populist leaders, the pillar that sustains their political survival: ” Oh Lord, give us our daily enemy! ” 🙂

  8. How is 3mil magyars living as minorities “unfair” but 10mil other nationalities living in hungary as minorities “fair”?
    You expected “fair” treatment after the way hungary treated slovaks, romanians, croats and serbs for centuries? the nerve!
    Nobody wanted to “enjoy” the “enlightened” and “civilized” ungarian rule anymore.
    In fact, Trianon GAVE hungary land, because reality on the ground was that romanians were marching through budapest (a city that had been german until the hungarians started ethnically cleansing germans in 1850s) and the border was at lake balaton.

    By right of conquest hungary today should have been 1/5 it’s current size.

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