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A bill has been presented to the Romanian Parliament which suggests the establishment of a new public holiday: The Day of the Peace Treaty of Trianon. On 4 June, there would be events organised all over the country to commemorate the historic significance of the treaty.

Two Romanian senators; Serban Nicolae and Titus Corlatean are campaigning to establish the Day of the Treaty of Trianon (4 June), reports. On this day, many events would be organised to raise attention to the historic significance of the treaty; and the national flag would also be raised all over the country commemorating that historic day. The two politicians recently presented their suggestion to the parliament.

Romania was one of the principal beneficiaries of the Treaty of Trianon, as it received territories of Transylvania, part of Banat and other regions from Hungary. Hungary renounced in favour of Romania all the claims of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy over Transylvania.

Romanian politicians, Serban Nicolae and Titus Corlatean claim that on 4 June 1920, Romania did not only get Transylvania back, but the Romanian citizens’ political and civil rights were strengthened as well.

Serban Nicolae and Titus Corlatean believe that the Peace Treaty of Trianon is the foundation of the relationship between Romania and Hungary.

According to their bill, local governments would be obliged to raise the national flag of Romania at all public places, and they would also need to provide logistical and financial support to organise educational and cultural events that raise awareness to the treaty’s significance in Romanian history. National media would also have to report about these events held across the country.

The Romanian media interprets this proposal to establish 4 June as the Day of the Peace Treaty of Trianon as a direct response to the Hungarian Parliament’s decision to declare 2020 the Year of National Cohesion.

Daily News Hungary reported earlier that the Hungarian Parliament recently approved a proposal to declare 2020 a Year of National Cohesion to mark the 100th anniversary of the post-WWI Trianon Peace Treaty. The proposal tendered by parliament’s national cohesion committee was passed with 166 votes in favour, five votes cast by the opposition Democratic Coalition against and one abstention. Under the proposal, commemorations and programmes will be organised in Hungary, in the Carpathian Basin and elsewhere in the world with the aim to strengthen the cohesion and identity of Hungarian communities.

The Foreign Office of Bucharest disagrees with certain statements previously released by the Hungarian Parliament, claiming that Trianon did not cause unresolved political, economic, legal and psychological problems. Romanians do not consider the Peace Treaty of Trianon a tragedy, as it was previously referred to by the Hungarian Parliament.


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